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Allen, Grant

The Definitive Guide to SQLite (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Apress, APRESS, November 2010

Sprache: Englisch - 236x194x22 mm

ISBN: 1430232250 EAN: 9781430232254

Outside of the world of enterprise computing, there is one database that enables a huge range of software and hardware to flex relational database capabilities, without the baggage and cost of traditional database management systems. That database is SQLite-an embeddable database with an amazingly small footprint, yet able to handle databases of enormous size. SQLite comes equipped with an array of powerful features available through a host of programming and development environments. It is supported by languages such as C, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, TCL, and more. The Definitive Guide to SQLite, Second Edition is devoted to complete coverage of the latest version of this powerful database. It offers a thorough overview of SQLite's capabilities and APIs. The book also uses SQLite as the basis for helping newcomers make their first foray into database development. In only a short time you can be writing programs as diverse as a server-side browser plug-in or the next great iPhone or Android application! Learn about SQLite extensions for C, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl. Get solid coverage of SQLite internals. Explore developing iOS (iPhone) and Android applications with SQLite. SQLite is the solution chosen for thousands of products around the world, from mobile phones and GPS devices to set-top boxes and web browsers. You almost certainly use SQLite every day without even realizing it!

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The Definitive Guide to SQLite, Second Edition is your one-stop resource for integrating one of the most advanced and innovative open source database management systems into your development projects.


Introducing SQLite Getting Started SQL for SQLite Advanced SQL for SQLite SQLite Design and Concepts The Core C API The Extension C API Language Extensions iOS Development with SQLite Android Development with SQLite SQLite Internals and New Features

Über den Autor

Grant Allen has worked in the IT field for over 20 years, as a CTO, enterprise architect, and database administrator. Grant's roles have covered private enterprise, academia and the government sector around the world, specialising in global-scale systems design, development, and performance. He is a frequent speaker at industry and academic conferences, on topics ranging from data mining to compliance, and technologies such as databases (DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL), content management, collaboration, disruptive innovation, and mobile ecosystems like Android. His first Android application was a task list to remind him to finish all his other unfinished Android projects. Grant works for Google, and in his spare time is completing a Ph.D on building innovative high-technology environments. Grant is the author of Beginning DB2, and lead author of Oracle SQL Recipes and The Definitive Guide to SQLite.

ISBN 1-430232-25-0, ISBN 1-43-023225-0, ISBN 1-43023-225-0, ISBN 1-430-23225-0, ISBN 1-4302-3225-0

ISBN 978-1-430232-25-4, ISBN 978-1-43-023225-4, ISBN 978-1-43023-225-4, ISBN 978-1-430-23225-4, ISBN 978-1-4302-3225-4

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