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Handl, Sandra (Herausgeber); Schmid, Hans-Jörg (Herausgeber)

Windows to the Mind Metaphor, Metonymy and Conceptual Blending (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Cognitive Linguistics Research 48

de Gruyter Mouton, Januar 2011

314 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 20 Schwarz-Weiß- Abbildungen, 23 Schwarz-Weiß- Tabellen - 237x164x25 mm

ISBN: 3110238187 EAN: 9783110238181

Cognitive linguists are convinced that the nature of linguistic structures is strongly influenced by the way we experience and perceive the world and by how we conceptualize and construe these experiences and perceptions in our minds. At the same time, the study of linguistic structure and usage is credited with the potential to open windows to how our minds work. The present volume collects papers investigating linguistic phenomena that reflect the key cognitive processes of metaphor, metonymy and conceptual blending, which have proven to be highly influential in linguistic conceptualization. Theoretical and methodological issues, such as metaphor identification and the relevance of the target domain for children's understanding of metaphor, are focused on in the first section. The second and third parts are devoted to the application of the theoretical frameworks of the conceptual theory of metaphor and metonymy and the theory of conceptual blending to linguistic data. The contributions critically explore the explanatory potential of these theories, build bridges between them, link them with other approaches and notions (such as construction grammar, common ground and stance/evaluation), and uncover conceptual regularities and cognitive models that underlie and shape our language use in specific domains. The linguistic structures under consideration span the range from compounds and premodified noun phrases to constructions and texts such as jokes and political speeches. Methods applied include psycholinguistic experiments, analyses of data culled from authentic language corpora and discourse-analytical approaches. alytical approaches.

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Exklusives Verkaufsrecht für: Gesamte Welt.

Über den Autor

Sandra Handl and Hans-Jörg Schmid, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany.


"Overall, this book is an admirable collection of works on two of the most prominent theories in cognitive linguistics. The empirical, usage-based approaches used in most of the articles provide excellent examples of how conceptual investigations can move away from purely intuitive research. Aside from perhaps one or two pieces, this collection is also quite accessible for novices, making it a good choice for a graduate seminar on cognitive linguistics while still being quite useful for experienced scholars who wish to keep abreast of some of the most recent developments in the field."Chris Blankenship in: Linguist List 22.3240

ISBN 3-11-023818-7

ISBN 978-3-11-023818-1

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Windows to the mind. Metaphor, metonymy and conceptual blending.

Handl, Sandra [Hrsg.] and Hans-Jörg [Hrsg.] Schmid:
Windows to the mind. Metaphor, metonymy and conceptual blending. Cognitive linguistics research ; 48
Berlin ; New York: De Gruyter Mouton, 2011. IX, 314 S. mit graph. Darst. Fadengehefteter Originalpappband. EAN: 9783110238181 (ISBN: 3110238187)

Tadelloser, neuwertiger Zustand. - Inhalt: Introduction, Sandra Handl and Hans-Jörg Schmid -- Metaphor and metonymy: Fundamental issues: Methodological issues in conceptual metaphor theory, Zoltán Kövecses -- The structure of metaphor and idiom semantics (a cognitive approach), Dmitrij Dobrovol'skij -- Why focus on target domains? The importance of domain -- knowledge in children's understanding of metaphors, Aivars Glaznieks -- Salience and the conventionality of metonymies, Sandra Handl -- Metaphor and metonymy: Usage-based investigations: The role of metaphor scenarios in disease management discourses: Foot and mouth disease and avian influenza, Brigitte Nerlich -- "Overt" vs. "covert" cultural variance in metaphor usage: 'Europe' vs. Malta and the EU-membership debate, Monica Petrica -- Examining conceptual metaphor models through lexical frequency -- patterns: A case study of U.S. presidential speeches, Kathleen Ahrens -- Metaphor, constructional ambiguity and the causative resultatives, Beate Hampe -- Conceptual blending: Conceptual blending, relevance and novel N+N-compounds, Hans-Jörg Schmid -- Blending and creativity in metaphorical compounds: -- A diachronic investigation, Réka Benczes -- Reference points in adjective-noun conceptual integration networks, Elena Tribushinina -- Conceptual blending, evaluation and common ground: George W. Bush and Saddam as friend or foe?, Siaohui Kok and Wolfram Bublitz. ISBN 9783110238181
Schlagworte: Sprache, Linguistik

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