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Lambrecht, Ralph W.; Woodhouse, Chris

Way Beyond Monochrome Advanced Techniques for Traditional Black & White Photography Including Digital Negatives and Hybrid Printing (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Focal Press

Taylor & Francis Ltd., September 2010

2nd revised edition - 560 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Approx. 649 illustrations (649 in full color) - 246x243x38 mm

ISBN: 0240816250 EAN: 9780240816258

Starts with conceptual lessons of composition and takes you through image capture, exposure, controlling tonality, variable-contrast paper, archival printing, mounting, framing and presentation with simple concepts to an advanced level.

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Part 1 The Basics From Visualization to Print Eye and Brain Pictorial Maturity Photographic Quality Fundamental Print Control Timing Print Exposures Paper and Print Contrast Basics of Photographic Printing Archival Print Processing Presentation is Everything Mounting and Matting Prints Print Spotting Framing and Displaying Prints What Size is the Edition? Part 2 The Science Tone Reproduction Introduction to the Zone System Introduction to Sensitometry Tone Reproduction Image Gradation Image Capture Imaging Paths Sharpness and Depth of Field Critical Focusing Pinhole Photography Basics of Digital Capture Digital Capture Alternatives Negative Control Introduction to Exposure Development and Film Processing Advanced Development Creating a Standard Customizing Film Speed and Development Influence of Exposure and Development Exposure Latitude Pre-Exposure Applied Zone Systems C41 Zone System Quality Control Unsharp Masking Masking for Complete Control Digital Negatives for Contact Printing The Copy-Print Process Advanced Print Control Fine-Tuning Print Exposure & Contrast Measuring Paper Contrast Contrast Control with Color Enlargers Exposure Compensation for Contrast Change Basic Split-Grade Printing Advanced Split-Grade Printing Print Flashing Paper Reciprocity Failure Miscellaneous Material Characteristics Factorial Development Print Bleaching Print Dry-Down On Assignment Above Malham Cove Cedar Falls Clapham Bridge Corkscrews Portrait Studio Lighting Ingatestone Hall Heybridge Karen Light-Painted Flowers Metalica Alternative Processes MonoLog Parnham Doorway Large-Format Nudes Rape Field St. Mary's of Buttsbury Stonehenge Summer Storm Toothpaste Factory Part 3 Odds and Ends Equipment and Facilities Image-Taking Equipment Darkroom Design How Safe is Your Safelight? Enlarger Light Sources Sharpness in the Darkroom Other Darkroom Equipment Tool, Tips and Tricks Identification System for Film Holders Hhow to Build andUse the Zone Ruler How to Build and Use a Zone Dial Make Your Own Shutter Tester Make Your Own Test Strip Printer Make Your Own Burning Card Exposure, Development and Printing Records Making Prints from Paper Negatives Appendix Technical Fundamentals Make Your Own Transfer Function Basic Chemical Recipes Tables and Templates Glossary Bibliography

Über den Autor

Ralph Lambrecht: From Germany and educated in the US, Ralph is a B&W fine art Photographer. His work has been displayed anywhere from private galleries to the London Salon of Photography. He has written for Camera & Darkroom, Black & White Photography, View Camera Magazine, Way Beyond Monochrome 1e, and he is an active community member of apug.org (Analog Photography Users Group) photo.net and Fotocommunity. From the UK, Chris has been a member of the Royal Photographic Society for over 25 years and he has invented and patented photographic equipment that sell worldwide. He specializes in landscape, infrared, portraiture, still life, and architecture-mostly in monochrome. Chris has spent a lot of time perfecting the use of digital and traditional technologies harmoniously and he has authored numerous articles on advanced printing techniques for Camera & Darkroom, Ag+ and Photo Techniques.


"All our readers need to know about this very useful book." -Photo Techniques Magazine

ISBN 0-240816-25-0, ISBN 0-24-081625-0, ISBN 0-24081-625-0, ISBN 0-240-81625-0, ISBN 0-2408-1625-0

ISBN 978-0-240816-25-8, ISBN 978-0-24-081625-8, ISBN 978-0-24081-625-8, ISBN 978-0-240-81625-8, ISBN 978-0-2408-1625-8

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