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Roos, Constance

Walking in Norway A Walking Guide (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Cicerone Press Ltd, Januar 1998

1st edition - 192 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 172x118x15 mm

ISBN: 185284230X EAN: 9781852842307

This book describes 20 walking routes in the main mountain areas of Norway, ranging from the far south to the Arctic regions. Chosen because they are of particular interest to the visiting walker, all trips described are accessible by public transport. Many of the mountain areas are close to one another, making it easy to connect different routes for a fortnight's holiday. Route descriptions divided into daily segments, vary in length from a few days to a week. Fact panels provide information on level of difficulty, base, maps etc. Introductory sections to each chapter detail unique information about each region and transport to the area. Summary tables list the hourly estimates of the walking time necessary between points on a route. Route profiles provide an approximate picture of a trail's steepness, and trail maps give an instant picture of the entire route.

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PART I: HELPFUL INFORMATION Chapter 1: Using This Book Route Descriptions, Maps, Base, Route Grading, Direction, Elevation/Terrain/Features, Route Profiles, Summary Tables Chapter 2: Travel Tips Getting Started Tourist Offices, Passports and Visas, Currency and Money, Customs and Duties, Language, Health, Time Getting There Train, Air, Ferry/Boat, Bus Getting Around Train, Air, Car, Bus, Taxi, Coastal Steamer, Coastal Boat Services Helpful Hints While in Town Accommodation, Business Hours, Mail/Post, Laundry, Electricity, Weights/Measures, Telephone, Shopping, Food and Drink Chapter 3: Life in the Mountains Den Norske Turistforening, Mountain Lodges, Food/Meals, Keys, Reservations, Season, Weather, Camping, Cairned Routes/Waymarking, Crowded Trails, Safety in the Mountains, Glacier Travel, Drinking Water, Alpine Etiquette, Trolls, Dogs, Guided Tours, A Word on Northern Norway Chapter 4: Equipment Boots, Rucksack, Sleeping Bag, Waterproofs, Other Clothing/Equipment, Mosquitoes, Drying Rooms PART II: THE ROUTES Chapter 5: Southern Mountain Plateau 1 Hardangervidda West 2 Hardangervidda Central 3 Aurlandsdalen Chapter 6: West Central Mountains 4 Jotunheimen East to West 5 Jotunheimen South 6 Jotunheimen West Chapter 7: North Central Mountains 7 Rondane Traverse 8 Rondane Tops 9 Rondane Circle 10 Alvdal Vestfjell (Low Route) 11 Alvdal Vestfjell (High Route) Chapter 8: Western Fjord Ranges 12 Tafjord 13 Dovre Mountains Chapter 9: Central Fjord Ranges 14 Trollheimen Traverse 15 Trollheimen Circle Chapter 10: Central Border Mountains 16 Sylene 17 Femundsmarka Chapter 11: Mid-Norway 18 Mountains of Narvik Chapter 12: Arctic Norway 19 Troms Border Trail Chapter 13: The Far North 20 Finnmarksvidda

Über den Autor

Constance Roos was born in San Francisco, where she made her home and practised psychiatry. She received degrees from Stanford University and her MD from Case Western University. She was Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiaty at the University of California San Fransisco. Constance was an avid traveller, hiker and climber. She had explored and climbed in Africa, New Zealand, Bolivia, Mexico, Europe and Alaska as well as the western states.

ISBN 1-852842-30-X, ISBN 1-85-284230-X, ISBN 1-85284-230-X, ISBN 1-852-84230-X, ISBN 1-8528-4230-X

ISBN 978-1-852842-30-7, ISBN 978-1-85-284230-7, ISBN 978-1-85284-230-7, ISBN 978-1-852-84230-7, ISBN 978-1-8528-4230-7

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