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Lilov, Valerie

Unorthodox Chess Openings Video-Schachtraining auf DVD (DVD-Rom)

Chess Base, ChessBase - Schachprogramme-Schachdatenbank Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Januar 2011

Laufzeit: 316 Minuten - 191x139x18 mm

ISBN: 3866812345 EAN: 9783866812345

How many times have you been caught off guard by a seemingly inferior and unusual opening system that later turns out to be an especially strong one? Unorthodox openings can be a real asset to anyone's opening repertoire and they often do not contain much theory, making them easy to master for your next important tournament. In the present DVD, FM Valeri Lilov devotes 24 lectures to various unorthodox openings - some more popular with super GMs like Alexander Morozevich and others less known - yet all aiming at one and the same goal: to strengthen your opening repertoire and provide you with more weapons for the opening stage. The DVD is naturally divided into two parts and half of the lectures explore openings for White, while the other half focus on great unorthodox systems for Black. The Chigorin Defence, the Chicago Gambit, and Grob's Attack are among the systems included for White. On the other hand, the Hippopotamus Defence and the Elephant Gambit, both for Black, bear the names of frightening animals. FM Valeri Lilov effectively teaches the best plans and ideas in each of these unique openings and guarantees success with each and every one of them. Video running time: 5 hrs 16 min.

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Über den Autor

FM Valeri Lilov also known as Tiger Lilov is probably the one who once taughtyou chess and you still remember those little things that come to your mind whenyou most need them. Today, he is one of the most famous and quality online chesscoaches that you will see on virtually all major chess websites on the internet. His balanced style of play and constant striving for improvement have both shaped his deep knowledge of chess theory, which he is about to demonstrate to you in his first high quality DVD for ChessBase.

ISBN 3-86681-234-5

ISBN 978-3-86681-234-5

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