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Valavanis, Kimon (Herausgeber)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Netherland, Februar 2011

586 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 100 schwarz-weiße Abbildungen - 242x164x30 mm Book

ISBN: 9400711093 EAN: 9789400711099

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) have seen unprecedented levels of growth during the last decade in both military and civilian domains. However, it is anticipated that civilian applications will be dominant in the future, although there are still barriers to be overcome and technical challenges to be met. For example, integrating UAS into civilian space, fully autonomous navigation, see-detect-and-avoid systems, smart UAS designs, system integration, vision-based navigation, logistics and training, to name but a few areas, will be of prime importance in the near future. This special volume is the outcome of research presented at the International Symposium on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, held in Dubai in June 2010, and presents state-of-the-art findings on topics related to: UAS operations and integration into the national airspace system; UAS navigation and control; micro-, mini-, small UAVs; UAS simulation testbeds and frameworks; UAS research platforms and applications; UAS applications. This book aims at serving as a guide tool on UAS for engineers and practitioners, academics, government agencies and industry. This is a hardbound spinoff from the Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, Volume 61:1-4, 2011.

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most recent state-of-the-art published research; includes the latest information on air vehicle operations; includes emergency landing system techniques


From the Editor-in-Chief, by K.P. Valavanis-. Control and Limitations of Navigating a Tail Rotor/Actuator Failed Unmanned Helicopter, by R.D. Garcia ? A. Brown -. Indoor Hovering Control of Small Ducted-fan Type OAV Using Ultrasonic Positioning System, by J. Shin ? S. Ji ? W. Shon ? H. Lee ? K. Cho ? S. Park-. Vision Based Control for Fixed Wing UAVs Inspecting Locally Linear Infrastructure Using Skid-to-Turn Maneuvers, by S.J. Mills ? J.J. Ford ? L. Mej?as -. Dynamic Compensation for Control of a Rotary wing UAV Using Positive Position Feedback, by B. Ahmed ? H.R. Pota -. Indoor UAV Control Using Multi-Camera Visual Feedback, by H. Oh ? D.-Y. Won ? S.-S. Huh ? D.H. Shim ? M.-J. Tahk ? A. Tsourdos-. Hovering Flight Improvement of a Quad-rotor Mini UAV Using Brushless DC Motors, by A. Sanchez ? L.R. Garc?a Carrillo ? E. Rondon ? R. Lozano ? O. Garcia-. Stabilization and Trajectory Tracking of a Quad-Rotor Using Vision, by L.R. Garc?a Carrillo ? E. Rondon ? A. Sanchez ? A. Dzul ? R. Lozano-. A Catadioptric and Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera Pair Object Tracking System for UAVs, by M. Tarhan ? E. Altug-. Evaluation of Guidance Performance in Urban Terrains for Different UAV Types and Performance Criteria Using Spatial CTG Maps, by Z. Kong ? B. Mettler-. A Visual Global Positioning System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Used in Photogrammetric Applications, by A. Cesetti ? E. Frontoni ? A. Mancini ? A. Ascani ? P. Zingaretti ? S. Longhi-. ?Meshing and Simplification of High Resolution Urban Surface Data for UAV Path Planning, by F.-M. Adolf ? H. Hirschm?ller -. ?Computational Modeling for Automatic Path Planning Based on Evaluations of the Effects of Impacts of UAVs on the Ground, by F.L.L. Medeiros ? J.D.S. da Silva-. A Minimum Risk Approach for Path Planning of UAVs, by L. De Filippis ? G. Guglieri ? F. Quagliotti-. Automatic Take Off, Tracking and Landing of a Miniature UAV on a Moving Carrier Vehicle: Fuzzy Logic Based Approach to Design of Autonomous Landing System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, by O. Cetin ? S. Kurnaz ? O. Kaynak?-. Vision-Based Landing of Light Weight Unmanned Helicopters on a Smart Landing Platform, by M.H. Mahoor ? R. Godzdanker ? K. Dalamagkidis ? K.P. Valavanis -. ?Monotonous Trend Estimation of Deck Displacement for Automatic Landing of Rotorcraft UAVs, by X. Yang ? M. Garratt ? H. Pota -. Fusion of IMU and Vision for Absolute Scale Estimation in Monocular SLAM, by G. N?tzi ? S. Weiss ? D. Scaramuzza ? R. Siegwart -. On-board and Ground Visual Pose Estimation Techniques for UAV Control, by C. Mart?nez ? I.F. Mondrag?n ? M.A. Olivares-M?ndez ? P. Campoy -. Autonomous Formation Flight Test of Multi-Micro Aerial Vehicles, by D.I. You ? D.H. Shim -. Towards Autonomous Micro UAV Swarms, by A. B?rkle ? F. Segor ? M. Kollmann -. Search Strategies for Multiple UAV Search and Destroy Missions, by J. George ? S.P.B. ? J.B. Sousa-. UAV Consumable Replenishment: Design Concepts for Automated Service Stations, by P. Kemper F. ? K.A.O. Suzuki ? J.R. Morrison -. A Survey of Airworthiness and Certification for UAS, by G. Guglieri ? V. Mariano ? F. Quagliotti ? A. Scola-. Optical Brain Imaging to Enhance UAV Operator Training, Evaluation, and Interface Development, by J. Menda ? J.T. Hing ? H. Ayaz ? P.A. Shewokis ? K. Izzetoglu ? B. Onaral ? P. Oh-. Towards Palm-Size Autonomous Helicopters, by S. Bouabdallah ? C. Bermes ? S. Grzonka ? C. Gimkiewicz ? A. Brenzikofer ? R. Hahn ? D. Schafroth ? G. Grisetti ? W. Burgard ? R. Siegwart -. Intuitive 3D Maps for MAV Terrain Exploration and Obstacle Avoidance, by S. Weiss ? M. Achtelik ? L. Kneip ? D. Scaramuzza ? R. Siegwart -. Vision Based Position Control for MAVs Using One Single Circular Landmark, by D. Eberli ? D. Scaramuzza ? S. Weiss ? R. Siegwart -. Calibration Techniques for UAV Antenna Arrays, by H.S. Mir -. Real-Time Implementation of GPS Aided Low-Cost Strapdown Inertial Navigation System, by L.R. Sahawneh ? M.A. Al-Jarrah ? K. Assaleh ? M.F. Abdel-Hafez -. Solar Airplane Conceptual Design and Performance Estimation I What Size to Choose and What Endurance to Expect, by S. Leutenegger ? M. Jabas ? R.Y. Siegwart -. Experimental Results in Multi-UAV Coordination for Disaster Management and Civil Security Applications, by I. Maza ? F. Caballero ? J. Capit?n ? J.R. Mart?nez-de-Dios ? A. Ollero -. Author Index -. Key Word Index.?

ISBN 9-400711-09-3, ISBN 9-40-071109-3, ISBN 9-40071-109-3, ISBN 9-400-71109-3, ISBN 9-4007-1109-3

ISBN 978-9-400711-09-9, ISBN 978-9-40-071109-9, ISBN 978-9-40071-109-9, ISBN 978-9-400-71109-9, ISBN 978-9-4007-1109-9

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