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Lindberg, Barbro

Understanding Rett Syndrome A Practical Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Hogrefe Publishing GmbH, Hogrefe Publishing, Mai 2006

2., vollständig überarbeitete Neuaufl - 208 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 236x157x20 mm

ISBN: 088937306X EAN: 9780889373068

The brand new edition of this unique book describes the difficulties and challenges of girls and women with Rett Syndrome, and proposes solutions that can help them in everyday life. Written from an educational perspective, and based on extensive practical, real-life experience, it also takes into consideration living conditions as a whole to provide practical and effective help for all those involved in the care of those with Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome is a severe neurological disorder with no cure affecting 1 out of every 10,000-15,000 female births worldwide. It is now known to result from a chromosomal defect that leads to problems such as mental retardation, serious motor handicaps, epileptic seizures, and difficulties with communication. This syndrome is found only in girls, and usually becomes noticeable during their second year of life. In this new edition, the chapters on intelligence and understanding, learning and communication have been elucidated and deepened. There are also some new sections on digital pictures, computers, and sensory environments. Understanding Rett Syndrome is primarily intended for people close to those with Rett syndrome, including teachers, therapists and parents, but should be valuable to anyone involved with children with mental and functional disorders.

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Foreword (Andreas Rett); Introduction: Background; Aim; Sample; Methods; Development and Progress in Rett Syndrome; The Individuals in the Study; Typical Symptoms and Behaviors: Deficiencies in Perception and Sensory Integration; Stereotypical Behaviors; Dyspraxia - "Want of Success"; Severe Motor Disabilities; Difficulties in Coordination; Mental Retardation; Communication Disorders; Emotional Channels; Large Fluctuations in Behavior; Emotional Reactions; Insecure Identity; Guidelines for Treatment and Teaching: Two Principal Teaching Groups; Multi-handicap; Understanding the Environment; Using the Body; Interacting and Communicating with the Environment; Being Active; Expanding One's World; Appendices: Questions Forming a Basis for Interviews with Parents; Questions Forming a Basis for Interviews with Parents/Care Givers; Questions Forming a Basis for Interviews with School Staff; References.


Christopher J. Graver, PhD(Western State Hospital) **Description** As the title suggests, this book addresses Rett syndrome and the complex array of symptoms and behaviors from an educational perspective. The author has spent extensive time with these patients. **Purpose** This book is intended to provide general information about the general development and course of Rett syndrome, signs and symptoms, and treatment consideration for individuals who have this disease. The second edition is intended to expand the coverage of this disease through chapters on intelligence and education, learning and communication, and sensory environments. **Audience** It is intended for individuals who work with those who have Rett syndrome, including caregivers, educators, psychologists, occupational and physical therapists, and physicians. **Features** A brief overview of the stages of Rett syndrome is presented, followed by a look at the functional abilities of the 39 girls involved in the study. The book then progresses to signs and symptoms of Rett syndrome. The author provides a unique and personal approach to this disease by giving examples of patients'behaviors which illustrate the range of possibilities with this syndrome. There are very practical solutions offered for treating and managing the symptoms of this syndrome, which stem from the author's experience in working with these patients. In addition to providing management strategies, the author also presents strategies for enriching and improving the quality of life for these patients. The book ends with a few examples of interview forms that may be helpful when discussing the patient with a parent, caregiver, or teacher. Regrettably, this book is lacking in empirical references that may have helped to solidify some of this information. For example, in the interacting and communicating section, the recent article by Stauder, Smeets, van Mil, and Curfs ("The development of visual and auditory processing in Rett syndrome: An ERP study." Brain Development, in press.) would have added a scientific understanding to the behavioral observations of the author. For a second edition, the limited number of updated references is disappointing. **Assessment** From a practical perspective, this book delivers useful observations on clinical signs, symptoms, and behaviors in Rett syndrome, and does so in a personal manner with specific examples from patients. In addition, the suggestions for the management of problematic behaviors and enrichment of the patients' lives are insightful. Readers approaching the book in this hands-on manner will find it valuable; readers hoping to gain a deeper scientific understanding of Rett syndrome, however, may walk away feeling unfulfilled. ----------------------------------------------------------- Weighted Numerical Score: 77 - 3 Stars

ISBN 0-889373-06-X, ISBN 0-88-937306-X, ISBN 0-88937-306-X, ISBN 0-889-37306-X, ISBN 0-8893-7306-X

ISBN 978-0-889373-06-8, ISBN 978-0-88-937306-8, ISBN 978-0-88937-306-8, ISBN 978-0-889-37306-8, ISBN 978-0-8893-7306-8

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