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Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh (Herausgeber); Kowalczyk, Ryszard (Herausgeber)

Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence I First International Conference, Wroclaw, Poland, October 5-7, 2009, Revised Selected Papers (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6220

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Oktober 2010

207 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 238x159x15 mm

ISBN: 3642150330 EAN: 9783642150333

We would like to present, with great pleasure, the first volume of a new journal, Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence (TCCI). This journal, part of the new journal subline in the Springer series Lecture Notes in Computer Science, is devoted to research in computer-based methods of computational collective intel- gence (CCI) and their applications in a wide range of fields such as the Semantic Web, social networks and multi-agent systems. TCCI strives to cover new metho- logical, theoretical and practical aspects of CCI understood as the form of intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and competition of many individuals (artificial and/or natural). The application of multiple computational intelligence technologies such as fuzzy systems, evolutionary computation, neural systems, consensus theory, etc. , aims to support human and other collective intelligence and to create new forms of CCI in natural and/or artificial systems. TCCI is a double-blind refereed and authoritative reference dealing with the wo- ing potential of CCI methodologies and applications as well as emerging issues of interest to professionals and academics. This inaugural issue contains a collection of articles selected from regular subm- sions and invited papers of substantially extended contributions based on the best papers presented at the first International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence: Semantic Web, Social Networks and Multiagent Systems (ICCCI 2009) during October 5-7, 2009 in Wroclaw (Poland). This issue introduces advances in the foundations and applications of CCI and includes 10 papers.

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HYDRA: A Middleware-Oriented Integrated Architecture for e-Procurement in Supply Chains.- Tableaux with Global Caching for Checking Satisfiability of a Knowledge Base in the Description Logic .- An Efficient Ant-Based Edge Detector.- Stochastic Local Search for Core Membership Checking in Hedonic Games.- A Different Perspective on a Scale for Pairwise Comparisons.- An Awareness-Based Learning Model to Deal with Service Collaboration in Cloud Computing.- Ontology-Based Administration of Web Directories.- Distributed Deliberative Recommender Systems.- Fuzzy Cognitive and Social Negotiation Agent Strategy for Computational Collective Intelligence.- The Living Cell as a Multi-agent Organisation: A Compositional Organisation Model of Intracellular Dynamics.

ISBN 3-642-15033-0

ISBN 978-3-642-15033-3

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