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Simon, Steven

The Passionate Photographer Ten Steps Toward Becoming Great (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

New Riders, Juli 2011

253 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Illustrations - 232x205x19 mm

ISBN: 0321719891 EAN: 9780321719898

Professional photographer, School of Visual Arts faculty member, and co-host of the popular This Week in Photography podcast Steve Simon shares 30 years of experience as he discusses the ten crucial elements every photographer needs to know and do in order to become truly great at their craft.For photographers who are ready to challenge themselves to take their craft to new heights, Steve Simon mentors through education, inspiration, practical tips and photographic concepts that are both immediately actionable and capable of being revisited time and again throughout your photographic journey. Simon discusses the often overlooked yet core concepts to becoming a great photographer, such as the simple importance of shooting a lot of pictures; learning how to work a scene and not give up too soon; taking evocative and compelling portraits; learning to see and take advantage of light; making the best edits and learning from each shoot; and more.For those who have gotten a feel for gear and settings, but are still not taking the pictures they want to take, Steve puts forth a wealth of ideas and creative solutions that every photographer can add their unique vision to. The Passionate Photographer draws out the personal vision of every reader, encouraging a unique way of looking at the world that we all possess but don't always have the confidence to pursue.

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Über den Autor

Steve Simon has been passionate about documenting the beauty and drama of the human condition his entire photographic life. His work has been featured at the Visa Pour L'Image Photojournalism Festival in Perpignan, France, and at solo shows in New York, Buenos Aires, Toronto, and Montreal. He's received numerous honors and recognitions, including Canadian Newspaper Photographer of the Year. He is on the faculties of ICP and SVA in New York City, where he lives.

ISBN 0-321719-89-1, ISBN 0-32-171989-1, ISBN 0-32171-989-1, ISBN 0-321-71989-1, ISBN 0-3217-1989-1

ISBN 978-0-321719-89-8, ISBN 978-0-32-171989-8, ISBN 978-0-32171-989-8, ISBN 978-0-321-71989-8, ISBN 978-0-3217-1989-8

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