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Clarke, Peter

The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Religion (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Oxford Handbooks

Oxford University Press, Februar 2011

1046 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 245x174x65 mm

ISBN: 0199588961 EAN: 9780199588961

An expert team of international scholars provide fifty-one essays as entry points into the sociological study and understanding of religion and in-depth surveys into its changing forms and content in the contemporary world. Issues discussed range from ecology to law, art to cognitive science, crime to health care.

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1: Peter Clarke: Introduction:Towards a Global Framework and Organic Understanding of Religion; I: Theory: Classical, Modern and Postmodern; 2: William E. Paden: Reappraising Durkheim for the Study and Teaching of Religion; 3: David N. Geller: The Uses of Max Weber: Legitimation and Amnesia in Buddhology, South Asian History, and Anthropological Practice Theory; 4: Hans G. Kippenberg: Max Weber: Religion and Modernization; 5: Bryan S. Turner: Max Weber on Islam and Confucianism: the Kantian Theory of Secularization; 6: Inger Furseth: Religion in the Works of Habermas, Bourdieu and Foucault; 7: Malcolm Hamilton: Rational Choice Theory: A Critique; 8: Sian Hawthorne: Religion and Gender; 9: Robert W. Hefner: Religion and Modernity Worldwide; 10: Nikolai Wenzel: Postmodernism and Religion; 11: Meerten ter Borg: Religion and Power; 12: Matt Waggoner: Culture and Religion; I: Method; 13: Ole Preben Riis: Methodology in the Sociology of Religion; 14: Jeppe Sinding Jensen: Conceptual Models in the Study of Religion; 15: André Droogers: Defining Religion: A Social Science Approach; 16: K. Helmut Reich: Explaining Religion through Cognitive Science; III: Religion and related spheres: Morality, Science, Irreligion, Art and Sexuality; 17: William Sims Bainbridge: Science and Religion; 18: William Sims Bainbridge: Atheism; 19: John Reeder: Religion and Morality; 20: Robert Wuthnow: The Contemporary Convergence of Art and Religion; 21: I. M. Lewis: The Social Roots and Meaning of Trance and Possession; IV: Religion and the State, the Nation, the Law; 22: Phillip E. Hammond and David W. Machacek: Religion and the State; 23: Christophe Jaffrelot: Religion and Nationalism; 24: James T. Richardson: Religion and the Law: An Interactionist View; 25: Enzo Pace: The Socio-cultural and Socio-religious Origins of Human Rights; V: Globalisation and its Religious Effects; 26: Roland Robertson: Globalization, Theocratization and Politicized Civil Rights; 27: Caroline Plüss: Migration and the Globalization of Religion; 28: Anson Shupe: Religious Fundamentalism; 29: Gary D. Bouma: Religious Diversity; VI: Standard or Mainstream Religion; 30: Karel Dobbelaere: The Meaning and Scope of Secularization; 31: Dean R. Hoge: The Sociology of the Clergy; 32: Nancy T. Ammerman: Congregations: Local, Social and Religious; 33: Lorne L. Dawson: Church-Sect-Cult:Constructing Typologies of Religious Groups; 34: Sam Zubaida: Sects in Islam; VII: The Reproduction and Transmission of Religion; 35: Mathew Guest: The Reproduction and Transmission of Religion; 36: Wade Clark Roof: Generations and Religion; 37: Penny Edgell: Religion and Family; 38: Peter Collins: Religion and Ritual; 39: Stewart M. Hoover: Religion in the Media; 40: Gary R. Bunt: Religion and the Internet; VIII: New Religion, New Spirituality and Implicit Religion; 41: David G. Bromley: New Religious Movements; 42: Eva M. Hamberg: Unchurched Spirituality; 43: Paul Heelas: Spiritualities of Life; 44: Kennet Granholm: The Sociology of Esotericism; 45: Edward Bailey: Implicit Religion; XI: Environmental and Social Issues; 46: Mary Evelyn Tucker: Religion and Ecology; 47: Wendy Cadge: Religion, Spirituality and Health: An Institutional Approach; 48: Titus Hjelm: Religion and Social Problems: A New Theoretical Perspective; 49: Anne Birgitta Yeung: Religion and Social Problems: Individual and Institutional Responses; 50: Bryon R. Johnson: The Role of Religious Institutions in Responding to Crime and Delinquency; 51: Keishin Inaba and Kate Loewenthal: Religion and Altruism; 52: Mark Juergensmaeyer: Religious Violence; 53: Michael Kirwan: Girard, Religion, Violence, and Modern Martydom; X: Teaching the Sociology of Religion; 54: Eleanor Nesbitt: The Teacher as Religious Ethnographer; 55: James V. Spickard: Ethnography/ Religion: Explorations in Field and Classroom; Index

ISBN 0-199588-96-1, ISBN 0-19-958896-1, ISBN 0-19958-896-1, ISBN 0-199-58896-1, ISBN 0-1995-8896-1

ISBN 978-0-199588-96-1, ISBN 978-0-19-958896-1, ISBN 978-0-19958-896-1, ISBN 978-0-199-58896-1, ISBN 978-0-1995-8896-1

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