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Takemura, Masaharu

The Manga Guide To Biochemistry (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

No Starch Press,US, No Starch Press, November 2011

272 S. - Sprache: Englisch - chiefly Illustrations - 180x235x17 mm

ISBN: 1593272766 EAN: 9781593272760

Kumi loves to eat, but she's worried that her passion for junk food is affecting her health. Determined to unlock the secrets of dieting, she enlists the help of her brainy friend Nemoto and his beautiful biochemistry professor, Dr. Kurosaka. And so it begins...Follow along in The Manga Guide to Biochemistry as Kumi explores the mysteries of her body's inner workings. With the help of RoboCat, the professor's friendly endoscopic robot, you'll soar through the incredible chemical machinery that keeps us alive and get an up-close look at biopolymers like DNA and proteins, the metabolic processes that turn our food into energy, and the enzymes that fuel our bodies' chemical reactions.As you dive into the depths of plant and animal cells, you'll learn about:-The metabolism of substances like carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and alcohol-How the energy powerhouses known as mitochondria produce ATP-DNA transcription and the different types of RNA that work together to translate the genetic code into proteins-Enzyme kinetics, how they're measured, and how enzyme inhibition worksWhether you're a medical student, an amateur scientist, or just curious about how your body turns cupcakes into energy, The Manga Guide to Biochemistry is your key to understanding the science of life.

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A cartoon guide that introduces readers to the subject of biochemistry. The latest offering in the best-selling Manga Guide series. . Long-term sales potential. Sales trending for the series continues upwards as each new volume is released . Great supplement to any college biochemistry course .Perfect for returning students, gifted youngsters, or anyone who just wants to dig into biochemistry


PrologueChapter 1: What Happens Inside Your Body?Chapter 2: Photosynthesis and RespirationChapter 3: Biochemistry in Our Everyday LivesChapter 4: Enzymes are the Key to Chemical ReactionsChapter 5: Molecular Biology and the Biochemistry of Nucleic AcidsEpilogue

Über den Autor

Masaharu Takemura is an Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of Science who specializes in molecular biology and life science. A Doctor of Medical Science, he has written several books about biology.

ISBN 1-593272-76-6, ISBN 1-59-327276-6, ISBN 1-59327-276-6, ISBN 1-593-27276-6, ISBN 1-5932-7276-6

ISBN 978-1-593272-76-0, ISBN 978-1-59-327276-0, ISBN 978-1-59327-276-0, ISBN 978-1-593-27276-0, ISBN 978-1-5932-7276-0

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