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Judd, Simon

The MBR Book: Principles and Applications of Membrane Bioreactors for Water and Wastewater Treatment (Gebundene Ausgabe)


519 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 231x157x36 mm

ISBN: 0080966829 EAN: 9780080966823

The municipal water industry is a major user and developer of membrane technology, which helps it to process sewage and waste water, and to provide water free of pathogens, chemicals, odours and unwanted tastes. Now that the membrane bioreactor technology (MBR) is maturing, a wealth of new data is available on MBR design, operation and maintenance. Written by MBR specialist Professor Simon Judd, this second edition had been fully revised and expanded, now describing over 40 MBR technologies and referencing 55 case studies worldwide across a range of operating conditions. As well as defining the science behind the technology, this book delivers valuable practical information and guidance which engineers will be able to use to analyze process design, operation and performance.

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Über den Autor

Professor Simon Judd has been a member of staff at Cranfield since August 1992, and has managed and/or procured most of the biomass separation MBR programmes conducted within the Centre since that time. He has been principal or co-investigator on three major UK research council-sponsored programmes dedicated to MBRs with respect to in-building water recycling, sewage treatment and contaminated groundwaters/landfill leachate, as well as two EU-sponsored MBR programmes (EUROMBRA and MBRTRAIN). He has also managed projects in membranes for potable and industrial water treatment, as well as in water recycling. As well as publishing extensively in the research literature, Simon has co-authored three textbooks in membrane and MBR technology. Invited presentations at international membrane conferences have included five keynote papers. He has also provided consultancy to clients based in Denmark, Finland, Japan, Korea, North America, Switzerland and the UK, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

ISBN 0-080966-82-9, ISBN 0-08-096682-9, ISBN 0-08096-682-9, ISBN 0-080-96682-9, ISBN 0-0809-6682-9

ISBN 978-0-080966-82-3, ISBN 978-0-08-096682-3, ISBN 978-0-08096-682-3, ISBN 978-0-080-96682-3, ISBN 978-0-0809-6682-3

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