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Pandya, Jayshree

The Global Age NGIOA @ Risk (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Topics in Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality 17

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Netherland, März 2012

342 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 245x160x20 mm Book

ISBN: 9400712596 EAN: 9789400712591

Dr. Jayshree Pandya, founder of Risk Group LLC (http://www.riskgroupllc.com), is ahead of the curve in addressing the changing global fundamentals of the emerging Global Age. ? Global Age, and its changing global fundamentals has brought complex, chaotic, and turbulent times for every nation-where failures at all levels have come to become self-evident, repetitive, destructive, and potentially hopeless in nature and uncertainty. Nations are caught off guard. From what is visible across nations today, the promise of progress and prosperity for all nations does not seem to have materialized in a Global Age.? Instead of progress and prosperity, what is visible today is crisis and catastrophe that is overpowering and overwhelming the capability of most nations to meet their promise of progress and prosperity. Nations are in crisis. This introductory book Global Age: NGIOA @ Risk addresses the global shifts and the changing global fundamentals of Global Age, to lay out much needed foundation of an integrated NGIOA risk governance framework for the coming tomorrow. This book will make a convincing case for the far-reaching need and understanding of global risk concepts, global risk fundamentals, and risk centric integrated NGIOA governance. The integrated NGIOA risk governance approach proposed and discussed in this initiative is rational, practical, and feasible. It will help create a dynamic, vibrant, and sustainable NGIOA economy of a Global Age. This initiative is a first step towards that.

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Addresses Nations: its Governments, Industries, Organizations, and Academia at risk in a Global AgeAddresses the global shifts of the emerging Global AgeAddresses global risk concepts, global risk fundamentals, and risk centric integrated NGIOA governance fundamentalsProposes the foundation of an Integrated NGIOA Risk Governance Framework


1 NGIOA @ Risk Introduction;  Global Age: NGIOA @ Risk;  2 Global Risk History;  2.1 Global Risk History;  2.1.1 United States of America;  Gulf Oil Crisis (2010);  Toyota Recall Crisis (2010);  Deficit Crisis (2008-2010);  Newspaper Industry Crisis (2008);  Automobile Industry Crisis (2008);  Credit Crisis (2008-2010);  American International Group (AIG) Insurance crisis (2008);  Lehman Brothers' Collapse and Bankruptcy (2008);  Bear Stearns Companies Collapse (2008);  Enron Collapse and Bankruptcy (2001);  9/11 Terrorism Crisis in USA (2001);  Manufacturing Crisis in USA;  NASA Challenger Disaster (1986) / Columbia Disaster (2003);  United States Savings and Loan Crisis (1980);  Great Depression (1929);  Galveston Crisis in United States of America (1900);  2.1.2 Latin America;  Latin America Debt Crisis (1980);  Chile Crisis (1982);  Mexico Crisis (1994):   Argentina Crisis (2001);  Brazil Crisis (2001);  2.1.3 United Kingdom; United Kingdom Crisis (2008); 2.1.4 Europe;  Europe Crisis (2008);  2.1.5 Japan;  Japan Banking Crisis (1990); Japan Real Estate Crisis (1992); 2.1.6 Africa; Africa Humanitarian and Food crisis; South Africa Rape Crisis; 2.1.7 Jamaica; Jamaican Milk Crisis (1992); Jamaican Financial Crisis (1990); 2.1.8 Asia; Asia Food Crisis (2008); Central Asia Water Crisis; Asian Financial Crisis (1997); Myanmar Crisis (1988);  2.1.9 India;  Diamond Industry Crisis (2009);  Water Crisis;  Urban Sanitation Crisis.; Malnutrition Crisis (2008); Food Crisis;  Bhopal Disaster (1984);  2.1.10 China;  China Energy Crisis (2004);  Water Crisis in China;  2.1.11 Indonesia;  Indonesia Economic Crisis;  Water Crisis;  Food Crisis;  2.1.12 Thailand;  Thai Baht Currency Crisis (1997);  Thailand Political Crisis (2008);  2.1.13 Philippines;  Philippines Political Crisis;  Food Crisis; 2.1.14 South Korea;  Banking Crisis (1997);  2.1.15 Middle East;  Middle East Crisis;  2.1.16 Russia;  Russian Financial Crisis (2009);  Russia Gas Crisis (2006);  Russia Food Crisis (1998);  Russia Water Crisis;  3 Lessons Learned;  3.1 Global Risk History and Lessons Learned;  4 Changing Global Fundamentals: Nations and Shifting Priorities;  4.1 Changing Global Fundamentals; 4.1.1 Managing Nations Shifting Priorities; 5 Global Economic Slowdown: Deficit Dive and Nations @ Risk 5.1 Global Economic Slowdown; 6 Need for Non-Partisan Integrated Holistic View;  6.1 Global NGIOA Convergence; 6.11. Global Need for Holistic View of NGIOA;  6.1.2 Global Need for Non-Partisan Risk Assessments; 6.1.3 Global NGIOA Risk Governance Framework;  7 Need for Understanding Global Interdependency Risks;  7.1 Need for Understanding Global Interdependency Risks;  7.1.1 Global Interdependences; 7.1.2 Global Interdependency Risks; 8 Critical Global Risks; 8.1 Critical Global Risks;  8.1.1. Top Ten Global Risks; Lack of Global Governance; Lack of Integrated NGIOA Risk Governance; Lack of Effective Change Management Framework; Lack of Global Standards; Lack of Sustainable and Affordable Energy Source; Unchecked Science and Technology: Genetically Modified Crops, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Recombinant DNA technology and more; Geopolitical Conflicts and Global Terrorism; Speculation and Market Manipulation; Corruption; Natural Resources;  9 Need for Global Risk Council;  9.1 Need for Global Risk Council; 9.1.1 Key Global Risk Council Criteria;  10 Need for Global Governance;  10.1 Need for Global Governance;  10.1.1 Global Institutions;  11 Need for Global Standards;  11.1 Need for Global Standards;  12 Nations @ Risk; 12.1 Nations @ Risk;  12.1.1 Nations Risks in a Global Age;  13 Changing Role of Governments;  13.1 Changing Role of Governments; 13.1.1 Role of Government;  14 Developed and Developing: Shifting Powers;  14.1  Developed and Developing: Shifting Power;  15 Global G Order;  15.1 Global G order: Nations Journey towards G-194;  16 Global Industry Risk: Introduction; 16.1 Global Industry Risk; 16.1.1 Impact of Globalization on Global Industries;  16.1.2 Global Industry Risk Governance; 17 Global Industry Interdependence;  17.1 Global Industry Interdependence;  17.1.1 NGIOA Global Interdependence;   18 Global Energy Industry;  18.1 Global Energy Industry; 18.1.1 Global State of Energy Industry; 18.1.2  Global Energy Industry Risks;  19. Global Environmental Industry;  19.1 Global Environmental Industry; 19.1.1 Global State of Environmental Industry; 19.1.2  Global Environmental Industry Risks; 20 Global Financial Industry;  20.1 Global Financial Industry;  20.1.1 Global State of Financial Industry;  20.1.2 Global Financial Industry Risks;  21 Global Biotechnology Industry;  21.1 Global Biotechnology Industry;  21.1.1 Global State of Biotechnology Industry;  21.1.2. Global Biotechnology Industry Risks;  22  Global Nanotechnology Industry;  22.1 Global Nanotechnology Industry;  22.1.1 Global State of Nanotechnology Industry;  .22.1.2 Global Nanotechnology Industry Risks;  23 Global Food Industry;  23.1 Global Food Industry;  23.1.1 Global State of Food Industry;   23.1.2 Global Food Industry Risks;  24 Global Healthcare Industry; 24.1 Global HealthCare Industry;  24.1.1 Global State of Healthcare Industry;  24.1.2 Global Healthcare Risks;  25 Global Security Industry;  25.1 Global Security Industry;  25.1.1 Global State of Security Industry;  25.1.2 Global Security Industry Risks;  26 Global Information Technology Industry;  26.1 Global Information Technology Industry;  26.1.1 Global State of Information Technology;  26.1.2 Global Information Technology Risks;  27 Global Legal Industry;   27.1 Global State of Legal Industry; 27.1.1 Global State of Legal Industry;  27.1.2 Global Legal Industry Risks;   28 Global Automobile Industry;  28.1 Global Automobile Industry; 28.1.1 Global State of Automobile Industry; 28.1.2 Global Automobile Industry Risks; 29 Global Space Industry; 29.1 Global Space Industry; 29.1.1 Global State of Space Industry; 29.1.2. Global Space Industry Risks; 30 Global Pharmaceutical Industry; 30.1 Global Pharmaceutical Industry; 30.1.1.Global State of Pharmaceutical Industry; 30.1.2 Global Pharmaceutical Industry Risks; 31 Global Manufacturing Industry;31.1. Global Manufacturing Industry 31.1.1 Current State of Global Manufacturing Industry; 31.1.2 Global Manufacturing Risks; 32 Global Service Industry; 32.1 Global Service Industry; 32.1.1 Global State of Service Industry; 32.1.2 Global Service Industry Risks; 33 Global Non-Government Organizations; 33.1 Global Non-Government Organization; 33.1.1 Global State of Non-Government Organization; 33.1.2 Global Non- Government Organization Risks; 34 Global Academia; 34.1 Global Education; 34.1.1 Global State of Education; 34.1.2 Global Education Risks; 35 Challenges Ahead; 35.1 Challenges Ahead;  35.1.1 Potential Global Trend and Consequences;  Globalizing Economies; Investment Globalization; Resource Nationalization; Nature of Governance: Impact of Social organization and Global Age success; Epilogue.

ISBN 9-400712-59-6, ISBN 9-40-071259-6, ISBN 9-40071-259-6, ISBN 9-400-71259-6, ISBN 9-4007-1259-6

ISBN 978-9-400712-59-1, ISBN 978-9-40-071259-1, ISBN 978-9-40071-259-1, ISBN 978-9-400-71259-1, ISBN 978-9-4007-1259-1

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