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Ostergren, Robert C.; Le Bossé, Mathias

The Europeans A Geography of People, Culture, and Environment (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Taylor & Francis Ltd., Mai 2011

2nd edition - 432 S. - Sprache: Englisch - illustrations - 251x179x22 mm

ISBN: 159385384X EAN: 9781593853846

This leading text offers a comprehensive, richly nuanced, and authoritative introduction to European geography. Coverage encompasses the entire region: its physical setting and environment, population and migration, languages and religions, and political organization. Particular attention is given to historic and contemporary features of the diverse urban environments in which most Europeans live, work, and play. Combining vivid description, essential information, and cogent analysis, the text is illustrated with more than 200 photographs and 64 maps. New to This Edition*Fully updated to reflect ongoing changes in this dynamic region.*Expanded coverage of timely topics such as emissions and energy policy, aging of the population, migration, religiosity and secularization, ethnonationalism, health care, popular culture, and the future of the European Union.*Engaging vignettes in every chapter on European places, cultural issues, and daily life.*Over 45 new photographs and maps.

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Introduction: Europe as a Culture Realm. Part 1. People and Environment. European Environments. Population. Human-Environment Interaction. Part 2. Culture and Identity. Language. Religion and Values. The Political Landscape. Part 3. Towns and Cities. Cities and Urban Life to World War I. Modern and Postmodern Urbanism. Part 4. Work and Leisure. Making a Living. Consumption, Leisure, and Popular Culture. Epilogue: European Futures.

Über den Autor

Robert C. Ostergren, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA and Mathias Le Bosse, Department of Geography, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, USA


"This accessible text provides insights into historical and current issues in Europe, integrating concepts from physical, urban, political, and cultural geography. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of European geography and get useful suggestions for further reading. The new vignettes in the second edition illustrate concepts introduced in each chapter." - Micheline van Riemsdijk, Department of Geography, University of Tennessee, USA "This volume is an excellent general text for undergraduate students of geography and all others interested in a thorough introduction to this most important region. It is very well written, tightly edited and nicely structured so that it holds the reader's attention...This book's structure is refreshing and engaging...Virtually every important point made in the text is supplemented by a map, table, or photograph. The maps are especially clear, well chosen, and useful." - Regional Studies

ISBN 1-593853-84-X, ISBN 1-59-385384-X, ISBN 1-59385-384-X, ISBN 1-593-85384-X, ISBN 1-5938-5384-X

ISBN 978-1-593853-84-6, ISBN 978-1-59-385384-6, ISBN 978-1-59385-384-6, ISBN 978-1-593-85384-6, ISBN 978-1-5938-5384-6

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