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Popper, Arthur N. (Herausgeber); Hawkins, Anthony (Herausgeber)

The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life Second International Congress (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 730

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer US, Januar 2012

695 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 259x187x48 mm

ISBN: 1441973109 EAN: 9781441973108

The Second International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life will take place in Ireland August 15-20, 2010. The main emphasis of the conference will be on defining the current state of knowledge. However, we will also assess progress in the three years since the First conference. The Second conference will place strong emphasis on recent research results, the sharing of ideas, discussion of experimental approaches, and analysis of regulatory issues.

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A wide range of sources of underwater sound will be considered at the conference. Encourages discussion of the impact of underwater sound, its regulation, and mitigation of its effects. Assesses the progress in the three years since the First International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life.


1Noise and Marine Life: Progress From Nyborg to Cork in Science and Technology to Inform Decision MakingBrandon L. Southall2Listening Backward - Early Days of Marine BioacousticsWilliam N. TavolgaSection 2 - Sound Detection by Aquatic Animals3Effects of Underwater Noise on Marine MammalsChristine Erbe4Psychophysical Studies of Auditory Masking in Marine Mammals: Key Concepts and New DirectionsColleen Reichmuth5On the Relationship Between Environmental Noise, Critical Ratios, and Comodulation Masking Release in the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)Brian K. Branstetter, Jennifer S. Trickey, and James J. Finneran6Direct Measurements of Subjective Loudness in a Bottlenose DolphinCarolyn E. Schlundt and James J. 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Tenningen95Effects of Sounds From Seismic Air Guns on Fish Behavior and Catch RatesSvein L?kkeborg, Egil Ona, Aud Vold, and Are SalthaugSection 6 - Population Effects96A Bioenergetics Approach to Developing a Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance ModelDaniel P. Costa 97Energetic Cost of Behaviors Performed in Response to Vessel Disturbance: One Link in the Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance ModelDawn P. Noren, Robin C. Dunkin, Terri M. Williams, and Marla M. HoltSection 7 - Anthropogenic Sound Sources and Their Measurement 98A Common Sense Approach to Source Metrics William T. Ellison and Adam S. Frankel99Underwater Sounds from Unattenuated and Attenuated Marine Pile DrivingJames Reyff100What is the Source Level of Pile-Driving Noise in Water?Michael A. Ainslie, Christ A. F. de Jong, Stephen P. Robinson, and Paul A. Lepper101Ground Roll Waves as a Potential Influence on Fish: Measurement and Analysis TechniquesRichard A. 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ISBN 1-441973-10-9, ISBN 1-44-197310-9, ISBN 1-44197-310-9, ISBN 1-441-97310-9, ISBN 1-4419-7310-9

ISBN 978-1-441973-10-8, ISBN 978-1-44-197310-8, ISBN 978-1-44197-310-8, ISBN 978-1-441-97310-8, ISBN 978-1-4419-7310-8

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