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Ewing, Barbara

The Circus Of Ghosts Number 2 in series (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Mesmerist

Little, Brown Book Group, Juli 2011

544 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 201x128x37 mm

ISBN: 0751540951 EAN: 9780751540956

In the mid eighteen-forties, the somewhat lurid newspaper reporting of a scandalous society murder in London ¿ with links, however tenuous, to both the dubious practice of Mesmerism and the eminently respectable young Queen Victoria ¿ forced the main protagonist, a lady mesmerist cleared of the murder by a jury but nevertheless irrevocably tainted by the reporting of the events, to leave London with the rather odd group of people she called her family, for America. It is known that with them, for reasons of the heart, travelled Inspector Arthur Rivers, one of the first British detectives, from the newly-formed police division based in Scotland Yard, off Whitehall. The Fox Sisters, who began the cult of table-tapping and claimed to talk to the dead, were a nineteenth-century American phenomenon, fanned by the American press. It is thought that opium always hovered; the alcoholism and the scandals came later.

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The new novel from the author of The Mesmerist and The Fraud

Über den Autor

Barbara Ewing is a New Zealand-born actress and author who lives in London. She has a university degree in English and Maori and won the Bancroft Gold Medal at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.


¿Mesmerically gripping¿ Sainsbury¿s Magazine ** ¿The enormous spirit of the characters and overriding sense of fun gives this book warmth and appeal¿ Waterstone¿s Books Quarterly ** ¿Written with insight, intelligence and style, a highly engaging and entertaining read with a complex plot and a cast of utterly believable characters¿ Sydney Morning Herald ** ¿A good-humoured saga¿ Sun Herald **

ISBN 0-751540-95-1, ISBN 0-75-154095-1, ISBN 0-75154-095-1, ISBN 0-751-54095-1, ISBN 0-7515-4095-1

ISBN 978-0-751540-95-6, ISBN 978-0-75-154095-6, ISBN 978-0-75154-095-6, ISBN 978-0-751-54095-6, ISBN 978-0-7515-4095-6

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