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Walsh, Jill Paton

The Attenbury Emeralds (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Hodder And Stoughton Ltd., Mai 2011

338 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 198x130x25 mm

ISBN: 0340995742 EAN: 9780340995747

It was 1921 when Lord Peter Wimsey first encountered the Attenbury emeralds. The recovery of the magnificent gem in Lord Attenbury's most dazzling heirloom made headlines - and launched a shell-shocked young aristocrat on his career as a detective. Now it is 1951: a happily married Lord Peter has just shared the secrets of that mystery with his wife, the detective novelist Harriet Vane. Then the new young Lord Attenbury - grandson of Lord Peter's first client - seeks his help again, this time to prove who owns the gigantic emerald that Wimsey last saw in 1921. It will be the most intricate and challenging mystery he has ever faced . . .Since the publication of A Presumption of Death, which was set in 1941 in the wartime English countryside, readers have been eagerly asking for this story - a wholly original and utterly engrossing new detective adventure.

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The long-awaited new Lord Peter Wimsey novel, telling the story of his first case - and his last ...

Über den Autor

Jill Paton Walsh, born in 1937, is also the author of many non-crime novels for adults: the fourth of these, Knowledge of Angels, was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. Before writing for adults she made a career as a writer of children's books and has won many literary prizes.www.greenbay.co.uk


'Sayers's fans won't be disappointed, and newcomers are in for a treat' -- Laura Wilson, Guardian 20101023 'Sayers would not have recognised that it wasn't her own work.' -- Marcel Berlins, The Times 20101016 'A great deal of fun.' -- Natasha Cooper TLS 20101015 'An absolute treat: civilised, intelligent and spellbinding...' -- Barry Forshaw, Daily Express 20100917 'A pitch-perfect Golden Age mystery; not a pastiche but a gem of a period puzzle that belongs on the shelf beside the Wimsey originals.' -- Christopher Fowler, Financial Times 20100917 'An enjoyable and clever concoction ... a good puzzle ... skilled portrait of the austere postwar world.' -- Jessica Mann, Literary Review 20100910 'Wit, worldly wisdom and literary jokes ... As a Peter Wimsey story, it should give unalloyed pleasure to Sayers' fans: and simply in its own right as a novel, it makes joyous light reading.' -- Anthony Lejeune, Tablet 20110101 'A crime puzzle with deeper layers which makes for an entertaining and satisfying read.' -- Historical Novels Review 20110101 'A delight.' -- Irish Times 20110101 "A delight. The mystery is intriguing - and, more crucially, Paton Walsh perfectly captures Sayers's voice.' -- Irish Times 20110625

ISBN 0-340995-74-2, ISBN 0-34-099574-2, ISBN 0-34099-574-2, ISBN 0-340-99574-2, ISBN 0-3409-9574-2

ISBN 978-0-340995-74-7, ISBN 978-0-34-099574-7, ISBN 978-0-34099-574-7, ISBN 978-0-340-99574-7, ISBN 978-0-3409-9574-7

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