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Zimmermann, Andreas

The 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol A Commentary (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Oxford Commentaries on International Law

Oxford University Press, Januar 2011

1799 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 257x183x61 mm Lesebändchen

ISBN: 0199542511 EAN: 9780199542512

The 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol are the cornerstones of international refugee law. This Commentary provides a systematic, article-by-article analysis of their provisions and several thematic chapters examine general issues in refugee law, making it a crucial tool for international and domestic lawyers working on refugee cases.

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1: (Feller): Preface; 2: Table of Contents; TABLES; 3: Abbreviations; 4: List of Authors; 5: Bibliography; 6: Travaux Pr'eparatoires; 7: Table of International Cases; 8: Table of Regional Cases; 9: Table of Domestic Cases; 10: Table of Treaties and Instruments; GENERAL11: (Skran): Historical Development; 12: (Einarsen): Drafting History; 13: (McAdam): Interpretation; 14: (Klug): Regional Developments Europe; 15: (Blay): Regional Developments Asia; 16: van Garderen/Ebenstein): Regional Developments Africa; 17: (Piovesan/Jubilut): Regional Developments Americas; 18: (Alleweldt): Preamble 1951 Convention; 19: (Alleweldt): Preamble 1967 Protocol; Chapter I: General Provisions; 20: (Schmahl): Art. 1 A para. 1; 21: (Zimmermann/Mahler): Art. 1 A para. 2; 22: (Schmahl): Art. 1 B; 23: (Kneebone/O'Sullivan): Art. 1 C; 24: (Qafisheh/Azarova): Art. 1 D; 25: (Marx): Art. 1 E; 26: (Zimmermann/Wennholz): Art. 1 F; 27: (Schmahl): Art. I; 28: (Lambert): Art. 2; 29: (Marx/Staff): Art. 3; 30: (Walter): Art. 4; 31: (Skordas): Art. 5; 32: (Marx/Machts): Art. 6; 33: (Skordas): Art. 7; 34: (Davy): Art. 8; 35: (Davy): Art. 9; 36: (Schmahl): Art. 10; 37: (Bank): Introduction to Art. 11; 38: (Bank): Art. 11; Chapter II: Juridical Status; 39: (Metzger): Art. 12; 40: (Leckie/Simperingham): Art. 13; 41: (Metzger): Art. 14; 42: (Teichmann): Art. 15; 43: (Elberling): Art. 16; Chapter III: Gainful Employment; 44: (Edwards): Art. 17; 45: (Edwards): Art. 18; 46: (Edwards): Art. 19; Chapter IV: Welfare; 47: (Lester): Art. 20; 48: (Leckie/Simperingham): Art. 21; 49: (Zimmermann/Dörschner): Art. 22; 50: (Lester): Art. 23; 51: (Lester): Art. 24; Chapter V: Administrative Measures; 52: (Hofmann/Löhr): Introduction to Chapter V; 53: (Lester): Art. 25; 54: (Marx): Art. 26; 55: (Vedsted-Hansen): Art. 27; 56: (Vedsted-Hansen): Art. 28/Schedule; 57: (Nagy): Art. 29; 58: (Nagy): Art. 30; 59: (Noll): Art. 31; 60: (Davy): Art. 32; 61: (Kälin/Caroni/Heim): Art. 33 para. 1; 62: (Zimmermann/Wennholz): Art. 33 para. 2; 63: (Denza): Diplomatic Asylum; 64: (Marx): Art. 34; Chapter VI: Executory and Transitory Provisions; 65: (Zieck): Art. 35/Art. II; 66: (Zieck): Art. 36/Art. III; 67: (Schmahl): Art. 37; Chapter VII: Final Clauses; 68: (Oellers-Frahm): Art. 38/Art. IV; 69: (Geiß): Art. 39/Art. V; 70: (Gil-Bazo): Art. 40; 71: (Gil-Bazo): Art. 41/Art. VI; 72: (Pellet): Art. 42/Art. VII; 73: (Geiß): Art. 43/Art. VIII; 74: (Geiß): Art. 44/Art. IX; 75: (Einarsen): Art. 45; 76: (Geiß): Art. 46/Art. X; 77: (Geiß): Art. XI

Über den Autor

Professor Andreas Zimmermann is Professor of Law, University of Potsdam and Director Potsdam Centre of Human Rights; Dr. jur. (Heidelberg), LL.M. (Harvard); former Member of the German delegation to the Preparatory Committee and the United Nations Diplomatic Conference on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court; member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration; counsel in various cases before the ICJ; judge ad hoc in various cases before the European Court of Human Rights; arbitrator under the annex to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties; member of the advisory board on UN issues of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs; co-editor, inter alia, of The Statute of the International Court of Justice: A Commentary (Oxford University Press, 2006).


Practitioners, academics, and students will find this book useful and a 'must have' addition to their bookshelves. Zachary A. Lomo, Journal of Refugee Studies The book will serve as...an indispensable and authoritative guide for courts, lawyers and government officials dealing with the status of refugees. Those seeking guidance on actual state practice and judicial rulings will find them meticulously recorded; this is in addition to the wealth of material reflecting the views of human rights specialists as to how the 1951 Convention should be liberally interpreted. The book is a must for every good international law library. Robbie Sabel, Israel Law Review This book will bestride the world of refugee law like a colossus...The book's comprehensiveness and superb editing will inevitably make it a major source of reference for years to come. Hugo Storey, Senior Immigration Judge, Upper Tribunal ... a very readable treatise, on every aspect of a major convention long in need of a seminal analysis like this one. ASIL ...an extremely worthwhile purchase. Prof. Dr. Christoph Gusy, ZAR

ISBN 0-199542-51-1, ISBN 0-19-954251-1, ISBN 0-19954-251-1, ISBN 0-199-54251-1, ISBN 0-1995-4251-1

ISBN 978-0-199542-51-2, ISBN 978-0-19-954251-2, ISBN 978-0-19954-251-2, ISBN 978-0-199-54251-2, ISBN 978-0-1995-4251-2

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