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Waters, Donald

Supply Chain Risk Management Vulnerability and Resilience in Logistics (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Kogan Page, Oktober 2011

2. Auflage - 264 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Originalsprache: Englisch - 234x156x17 mm

ISBN: 0749463937 EAN: 9780749463939

Now in its second edition, Supply Chain Risk Management is essential reading for anyone who wants to know about the growing impact of risk on supply chains, its management and how to mitigate its effects. Using jargon-free, accessible language, it identifies both the possible effects that disruptions can cause and how to plan for them, discussing risks varying from traffic congestion to major environmental disasters. This practical title: ? defines risk and supply chain management ? explains current trends affecting supply chains ? offers detailed guidance on how to identify and analyse the various risks to supply chains ? describes approaches to risk management and steps needed for its implementation ? gives practical advice on how to create a resilient supply chain and, in the worst case, how to plan for and respond to disasters ? includes up-to-date case studies such as the BP oil spill and the Chilean mining disaster

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Advises how to create a resilient supply chain and, in the worst case, how to plan for and respond to disasters


Chapter - 01: Working with risk; Chapter - 02: Defining risk; Chapter - 03: Supply chain management; Chapter - 04: Trends affecting the supply chain; Chapter - 05: Approaches to risk management; Chapter - 06: Identifying risks; Chapter - 07: Analysing risks; Chapter - 08: Responding to risks; Chapter - 09: A network view of risk; Chapter - 10: Creating resilient supply chains; Chapter - 11: Business continuity management; Chapter - 12: Review

Über den Autor

Donald Waters


"A straightforward discussion from understanding the basics to understanding the future of risk analysis and how to deliver a risk management strategy.... The tables, matrices, diagrams and tools are excellent, and clearly guide you through the whole risk management end-to-end process." - Logistics & Transport Focus."..[E]xcellent book ... a comprehensive overview of many important issues in managing supply chain risk. More than 15 case studies and a straightforward hands-on practical approach make this book an enjoyable read. I bought this book as a text book, and as such it does a great job. ...it lets you not forget the real world and its real problems. This book is written with the manager in mind, and is interspersed with examples from real life, along with calculations and illustrations that explain the concept in a manner that is practical and easy to follow." -Jan Husdal, husdal.com"This is one of the best descriptive books in the topic, written in a simple, easy to understand language." - Jorge Ayala-Cruz, Amaz.com reviewer"Waters... discusses the importance of supply chain risk management, core areas, and principles... Included are case studies of many companies such as Nokia, IBM, and BP, as well as other situations like food scares, oil supplies, and the Y2K bug." --Book News, Inc.

ISBN 0-749463-93-7, ISBN 0-74-946393-7, ISBN 0-74946-393-7, ISBN 0-749-46393-7, ISBN 0-7494-6393-7

ISBN 978-0-749463-93-9, ISBN 978-0-74-946393-9, ISBN 978-0-74946-393-9, ISBN 978-0-749-46393-9, ISBN 978-0-7494-6393-9

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