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Kneale, Pauline

Study Skills for Geography, Earth and Environmental Science Students (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Taylor & Francis Ltd., Mai 2011

3rd Revised edition - 310 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 231x156x17 mm

ISBN: 1444120964 EAN: 9781444120967

There are moments in everyone's degree when you are expected to do something unfamiliar and daunting - present a seminar, go on a fieldtrip, create a wiki page, lead a lab team - and how to do it or what to expect is unclear. Studying at university requires a different approach from studying at school and this book explains this transition. Packed with practical hints, study tips, short cuts, real-life examples and careers advice, this book will prove invaluable throughout your geography, earth science or environmental science degree.Designed for all geography, earth science and environmental science students, this book provides guidance on:¿ time management and effective research¿ constructing essays and creating arguments¿ giving presentations confidently ¿ undertaking fieldwork and laboratory work ¿ avoiding plagiarism and citing references correctly ¿ using e-technologies such as blogs and your university's VLE ¿ online assessment and peer feedback.This guide also explains the role of the academic and how it differs from that of a school teacher, and prepares you for the world of work by showing how the skills you learn at university today can be used in your career choice of tomorrow.Thoroughly updated to take into account recent pedagogical practices such as computer-assisted learning and computer assessment, blending learning and the focus on preparing students for the work environment, this third edition also now has more for physical geographers and earth and environmental scientists with the inclusion of a new chapter on laboratory work and discussion of the pros and cons of software such as GIS.

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Preface / Acknowledgements / Study skills - why bother? / Reflection skills, reviewing and evaluating, addin / Threshold concepts ¿ difficult things / Maximizing free time / Researching in libraries and online / Effective reading / Making effective notes / Plagiarism and ethical behaviour / Creativity - Innovation / Chapter 10: Thinking / Constructing an argument / Listening / Oral presentations / Discussion / Researching and writing in teams: it¿s fun and eff / Acknowledging references and other sources / Effective essay skills / Writing practical reports / Reviewing a book / Abstracts and executive summaries / Dissertations / Revision skills / Examinations / Field-classes and fieldwork / Presenting field sketches, sketch maps and data / Posters and stands / Careers for geographers / ¿Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax ...¿ GEES Es / Try This, crossword and quiz answers / Index

Über den Autor

Pauline Kneale, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Plymouth, UK


"Kneale's guide provides a useful and imaginative guide to good practice in the skills required for geographical learning whilst recognizing the individuality of student learning experiences. Its style is refreshing, combining serious points with light relief." Lindsay McEwan, AREA "This book is essential for anyone who is doing geography. It is especially useful for improving essay skills, but also covers things like presentation skills and debating skills. It has a lot of little tasks to help you improve too, so it's not just mindless reading." Amazon reviewer 'I had a copy of the previous edition, but I loaned it to a student and it never came back. It was that good!' Dr Steve Gurney, Senior Lecturer in Geomorphology, University of Reading, UK "This is my study skills book of preference because students enjoy using it. The book provides an invaluable first reference for GEES students throughout their undergraduate journey, helpign them to study more effectively and to prepare them for employment." Times Higher Education

ISBN 1-444120-96-4, ISBN 1-44-412096-4, ISBN 1-44412-096-4, ISBN 1-444-12096-4, ISBN 1-4441-2096-4

ISBN 978-1-444120-96-7, ISBN 978-1-44-412096-7, ISBN 978-1-44412-096-7, ISBN 978-1-444-12096-7, ISBN 978-1-4441-2096-7

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