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Cvetkovic, Dean (Herausgeber); Cosic, Irena (Herausgeber)

States of Consciousness Experimental Insights into Meditation, Waking, Sleep and Dreams (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: The Frontiers Collection

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Juli 2011

280 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 14 schwarz-weiße und 14 farbige Abbildungen, 9 schwarz-weiße Tabellen - 248x164x20 mm

ISBN: 3642180469 EAN: 9783642180460

In this accessible overview of current knowledge, an expert team of editors and authors describe experimental approaches to consciousness. These approaches are shedding light on some of the hitherto unknown aspects of the?distinct states of human consciousness, including the waking state, different states of sleep and dreaming, meditation and more. The book presents the latest research studies by the contributing authors, whose specialities span neuroscience, neurology, biomedical engineering, clinical psychology and psychophysiology, psychosocial medicine and anthropology.?Overall this anthology?provides the reader with a clear picture of how?different states of consciousness can be defined, experimentally measured and analysed.?A future byproduct of this knowledge may be?anticipated in?the development of systematic corrective treatments for many disorders and pathological problems of consciousness.

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Explains the neuronal phenomenology of various states of consciousnessShows how new technology is helping to yield major advancesWritten by a team of foremost international experts


Preface.- Introduction to States of Consciousness; D. Cvetkovic.- Disorders of Consciousness: Coma, Vegetative State and Minimally Conscious States: O. Gosseries et al.-2 Codons of Consciousness: Neurological Characteristics of Ordinary and Pathological States of Consciousness; G.A. Kennedy.- Dream Consciousness and Sleep Physiology; M. Schredl, D. Erlacher.- Dream Therapy: Correlation of Dream Contents with Encephalographic and Cardiovascular Activations: A.C. da Rosa, J.P. Rodrigues.- The Substrate That Dreams Are Made On: An Evaluation of Current Neurobiological Theories of Dreaming; J.L. Dawson, R. Conduit.-Sleep Onset Process as an Altered State of Consciousness; D. Cvetkovic, I. Cosic.- Brain Rate as an Indicator of the Level of Consciousness; N.Pop-Jordanova.- On Physiological Bases of States of Expanded Consciousness; E. Jovanov.- States of Consciousness Beyond Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping: Perspectives from Research on Meditation Experiences; F. Travis.-Ethno Therapy, Music and Trance - An Investigation into a Sound-Trance Induction; J. Fachner, S. Rittner.- States of Consciousness Redefines as Patterns of Phenomenal Properties: An Experimental Application; A.J. Rock, S. Krippner.-


From the reviews:"This collection of research studies the intricate nature of human consciousness, focusing on the waking state; the different stages of sleep; dreaming; and meditation. This comprehensive reference proves vital to the work of neuroscientists, neurologists, biomedical engineers and clinical psychologists, in addition to religious, philosophical and educational professionals." (The Electric Review, October, 2012)

ISBN 3-642-18046-9

ISBN 978-3-642-18046-0

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