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Anderson, Susan

Spud & Chloe at the Farm Adorable Projects Plus a Fun Story for Kids (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Artisan, März 2011

112 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 88 Illustrations, color - 219x179x17 mm

ISBN: 1579654304 EAN: 9781579654306

A knit-and-read book: 13 farm-centric projects for the perfect homespun toys, with a bonus story. A mother hen and her chicks (and their adorable knitted eggshells), three little piglets, and a black lamb full of good intentions are just some of the appealing projects in "Spud and Chlo at the Farm," the latest innovative work from author and world-class knitter Susan B.Anderson. The projects in this book follow Spud, a feisty pet sheep, and Chlo, his perky owner, as they travel to a farm and meet the inhabitants of the barnyard, including a brown cow, some mice, a dog, and a barn cat. To continue the theme, and set the stage for loads of interactive play, the book also offers instructions for making an assortment of farm props, such as a picket fence, bales of hay, dainty baskets, and even a three-sided foldable barn. Meanwhile, witty full-color cartoons (presented one per spread throughout the text of the book) tell the story of Spud and Chlo 's visit to the farm, which starts with an invitation from Spud 's cousin Little Lamb. Featuring charming full-color photographs of the knitted toys, this book is a must-have for knitters and their loved ones.

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ISBN 1-579654-30-4, ISBN 1-57-965430-4, ISBN 1-57965-430-4, ISBN 1-579-65430-4, ISBN 1-5796-5430-4

ISBN 978-1-579654-30-6, ISBN 978-1-57-965430-6, ISBN 978-1-57965-430-6, ISBN 978-1-579-65430-6, ISBN 978-1-5796-5430-6

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