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Czichos, Horst (Herausgeber); Saito, Tetsuya (Herausgeber); Smith, Leslie M. (Herausgeber)

Springer Handbook of Metrology and Testing (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Originaltitel: Springer Handbook of Materials Measurement Methods Reihe: Springer Handbooks

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, Juli 2011

2nd Edition - 1500 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 500 farbige Abbildungen - 255x211x63 mm

ISBN: 3642166407 EAN: 9783642166402

This Springer Handbook of Metrology and Testing presents the principles of Metrology - the science of measurement - and the methods and techniques of Testing - determining the characteristics of a given product - as they apply to chemical and microstructural analysis, and to the measurement and testing of materials properties and performance, including modelling and simulation.The principal motivation for this Handbook stems from the increasing demands of technology for measurement results that can be used globally. Measurements within a local laboratory or manufacturing facility must be able to be reproduced accurately anywhere in the world.The book integrates knowledge from basic sciences and engineering disciplines, compiled by experts from internationally known metrology and testing institutions, and academe, as well as from industry, and conformity-assessment and accreditation bodies.The Commission of the European Union has expressed this as there is no science without measurements, no quality without testing, and no global markets without standards.

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Offers advanced methods for materials measurement and characterization from the macroscopic to the nanometer scale Special emphasis on test proceduresIncludes extensive references to primary data sources Delivers a wealth of up-to-date references


The Springer Handbook of Metrology and Testing is a comprehensive treatise of Metrology, the science of measurement, and of Testing, the technical procedure of determining characteristics of a given object, product or process. The Handbook is organized in five parts.Part A: Fundamentals of Metrology and Testing Part A describes the basic elements of metrology, the system which allows measurements made in different laboratories to be confidently compared worldwide. The process of making reliable measurements is analyzed along with quality issues of the measurement and testing procedures.Chap. 1 Introduction to Metrology and Testing Chap. 2 Metrology Principles and Organization Chap. 3 Quality in Measurement and Testing Part B: Chemical and Microstructural Analysis Part B presents methods for the analysis of material composition and structure. Structure here includes both atomic and molecular arrangements and also microstructure and defect structures over larger scales. Chap. 4 Analytical Chemistry Chap. 5 Nanoscopic Architecture and Microstructure Chap. 6 Surface and Interface CharacterizationPart C: Materials Properties Measurement Part C evaluates the methods of measuring the fundamental properties of materials. In addition to all aspects of mechanical properties, the methods of characterizing the thermal, electrical, magnetic and optical properties of materials important to their practical applications are described. Chap. 7 Mechanical Properties Chap. 8 Thermal Properties Chap. 9 Electrical Properties Chap. 10 Magnetic Properties Chap. 11 Optical PropertiesPart D: Materials Performance Testing Part D cores the testing of material performance in application conditions. This includes measurement of corrosion, friction and wear as well as biogenic impact on materials and more specific materials environment interactions. Evaluation of material performance and condition monitoring by nondestructive techniques and embedded sensors is also considered. Finally, experimental, deterministic and probabilistic methods for the characterization of safety and reliability are outlined. Chap. 12 Corrosion Chap. 13 Friction and Wear Chap. 14 Biogenic Impact Chap. 15 Environmental Interactions Chap. 16 Nondestructive Testing and Reliability EvaluationPart E: Modeling and Simulation Methods Part E presents important modeling and simulation methods that underline measurement procedures that rely on mathematical models to interpret complex experiments or to estimate properties that cannot be measured directly.Chap. 17 Molecular Dynamics Simulation Chap. 18 Continuum Constitutive Modeling Chap. 19 Finite Element and Finite Difference Methods Chap. 20 The CALPHAD Method Chap. 21 Phase Field Approach Chap. 22 Monte Carlo Simulation About the Authors.- Subject Index

Über den Autor

Dr. Horst Czichos has been President of BAM, the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (1992-2002) and President of EUROLAB, the European Federation of National Associations of Measurement, Testing and Analytical Laboratories (1999-2003). He holds degrees in precision engineering, physics and materials science from the Free University and the Technical University of Berlin, and obtained a Dr. h.c. from KU Leuven University for his research work in tribology. He is currently Professor of Mechatronics at the University of Applied Sciences, BHT Berlin, and received 2007 the Beuth Award for achievement in engineering education. Dr. Saito is currently Senior Adviser Emeritus at the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) and has served as Chair of ISO/TC164 (Mechanical Testing of Metals) for nine years. He received his Dr.-Eng from the University of Tokyo in 1978 and since has held various positions at the National Research Institute for Metals, including Director of Materials Evaluation Division and Deputy Director-General of the Institute. After retirement from his position as Director of the Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Dr. Leslie Smith is a Research Associate at NIST. He received B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Case Institute of Technology and the Catholic University of America in physical-organic chemistry and conducted research primarily on the adsorption of polymers and the degradation of polyesters.

ISBN 3-642-16640-7

ISBN 978-3-642-16640-2

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Horst Czichos
Springer Handbook of Metrology and Testing 2nd ed. 2011
Springer,2011 Gebundene Ausgabe EAN: 9783642166402 (ISBN: 3642166407)

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Schlagworte: Chemische Industrie; Industrie / Chemische Industrie; Fertigungstechnik; Kontrolle (wirtschaftlich) / Qualitätskontrolle; Qualitätskontrolle; Arbeitsstoff; Material; Werkstoff

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