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Goodwin, Steven

Smart Home Automation with Linux and Raspberry Pi (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

APRESS L.P., Apress L.P., Juni 2013

2nd ed. 2013 - 304 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 238x194x20 mm

ISBN: 143025887X EAN: 9781430258872

Smart Home Automation with Linux and Raspberry Pi shows you how to automate your lights, curtains, music, and more, and control everything via a laptop or mobile phone. You'll learn how to use Linux, including Linux on Raspberry Pi, to control appliances and everything from kettles to curtains, including how to hack game consoles and even incorporate LEGO Mindstorms into your smart home schemes. You'll discover the practicalities on wiring a house in terms of both and power and networking, along with the selection and placement of servers. There are also explanations on handling communication to (and from) your computer with speech, SMS, email, and web. Finally, you'll see how your automated appliances can collaborate to become a smart home. Smart Home Automation with Linux was already an excellent resource for home automation, and in this second edition, Steven Goodwin will show you how a house can be fully controlled by its occupants, all using open source software and even open source hardware like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

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Automate your home with Linux, Raspberry Pi, and even a bit of Arduino.


Appliance Control: Making Things Do Stuff? Appliance Hacking: Converting Existing Technology?? Media Systems: Incorporating the TV and the HiFi? Home is Home: The Physical Practicalities Communication: Humans Talk, Computers Talk? Data Sources: Making Homes Smart? Control Hubs: Bringing?It All Together? Working with Raspberry Pi

Über den Autor

Steven Goodwin has been involved in science and technology from an early age, and built his first synthesizer while still in his teens. Since then, his projects have been varied. He has sold over a million computer games, written two books, built robots, and automated a house that can be controlled from the Internet. He has spoken at many conferences, including NotCon '04 and the BBC Backstage OpenTech event.

ISBN 1-430258-87-X, ISBN 1-43-025887-X, ISBN 1-43025-887-X, ISBN 1-430-25887-X, ISBN 1-4302-5887-X

ISBN 978-1-430258-87-2, ISBN 978-1-43-025887-2, ISBN 978-1-43025-887-2, ISBN 978-1-430-25887-2, ISBN 978-1-4302-5887-2

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