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Murray, Paul

Skippy Dies (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Übersetzter Titel: Skippy stirbt

Penguin Books Ltd (UK), April 2011

654 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 199x131x34 mm

ISBN: 0141009950 EAN: 9780141009957

And so begins this epic, tragic, comic, brilliant novel set in and around Dublin's Seabrook College for Boys. Principally concerning the lives, loves, mistakes and triumphs of overweight maths-whiz Ruprecht Van Doren and his roommate Daniel 'Skippy' Juster, it features a frisbee-throwing siren called Lori, the joys (and horrors) of first love, the use and blatant misuse of prescription drugs, Carl (the official school psychopath), various attempts to unravel string theory ... while at the same time exploring the very deepest mysteries of the human heart.

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Über den Autor

Paul Murray is the author of An Evening of Long Goodbyes, which was shortlisted for the Whitbread First Novel Award in 2003 and is published by Penguin. Skippy Dies is his second novel.


Savagely funny, brimful of wit, energy, poetry and vision, unflaggingly entertaining. A triumph Sunday Times One of the most enjoyable, funny and moving reads of this year. A rare tragicomedy that's both genuinely tragic and genuinely comic Guardian Darkly comic, dazzles, every line drips ideas for fun. Unputdownably funny, captivating. A masterpiece Metro Ambitious, wise, funny, fiercely intelligent. The beauty of this cynical, hopeful, beautifully written book is that it builds a detailed world to explore life, the universe and everything Sunday Express Hilarious, heartbreaking, totally engrossing. A triumph Daily Mail Novels rarely come as funny and as moving as this utterly brilliant exploration of teenhood and the anticlimax of becoming an adult ... Skippy Dies is intuitive, truthful and one of the finest comic novels written anywhere. Dies? Never! Skippy lives -- Eileen Battersby Irish Times I loved Skippy Dies ... three novels fused into one ignited tragicomic tour de force -- Ali Smith Times Literary Supplement Skippy Dies is one great high-octane fizz bang of a book -- Patrick McCabe Irish Times Extravagantly entertaining New York Times Book Review A comic epic. Murray is a brilliant comic writer, but also humane and touching, and he captures the misery and elation, joy and anxiety of teenage life. A brilliant depiction of the heaven and hell of male adolescence -- David Nicholls Guardian Murray's writing has earned a place in the contemporary international canon ... Murray's characters are so three-dimensionally drawn and brought to such vivid life that they may haunt your dreams Irish Independent

ISBN 0-141009-95-0, ISBN 0-14-100995-0, ISBN 0-14100-995-0, ISBN 0-141-00995-0, ISBN 0-1410-0995-0

ISBN 978-0-141009-95-7, ISBN 978-0-14-100995-7, ISBN 978-0-14100-995-7, ISBN 978-0-141-00995-7, ISBN 978-0-1410-0995-7

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Murray, Paul
Skippy Dies
Penguin 0 672 S., 19,81 x 13,00 x 3,61 Taschenbuch EAN: 9780141009957 (ISBN: 0141009950)

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Murray, Paul
Skippy dies
Penguin Books London 2010 1. ed. Taschenbuch 663 p. EAN: 9780141009957 (ISBN: 0141009950)

Ready to send, nice, clean copy, the binding is slightly scuffed. leichte Gebrauchsspuren

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