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Casanova, Federico (Herausgeber); Perlo, Juan (Herausgeber); Blümich, Bernhard (Herausgeber)

Single-Sided NMR (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Juli 2011

250 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 243x164x25 mm

ISBN: 3642163068 EAN: 9783642163067

This book describes the design of the first functioning single-sided tomograph, the related measurement methods, and a number of applications in medicine, materials science, and chemical engineering. It will be the first comprehensive account of this new device and its applications. Among the key advances of this method is that images can be obtained in much shorter times than originally anticipated, and that even vector maps of flow fields can be measured although the magnetic fields are highly inhomogeneous. Furthermore, the equipment is small, mobile and affordable to small and medium enterprises and can be located in doctors' offices.

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First comprehensive account of a new and powerful method of nondestructive testing by single-sided NMR imaging.The book addresses the large market of magnetic resonance imaging in medicine as well as the smaller market in the applied sciences and in engineering.Written by international experts in the field.


- Single sided NMR- NMR in inhomogeneous fields- Ex-situ measurement of one- and two-dimensional distribution functions- Hardware- Single-sided tomography- High Resolution NMR in Inhomogeneous Fields- High-resolution spectroscopy in highly homogeneous stray fields- Biological Tissue- Applications in material science and cultural heritage- Spectrometer Hardware

Über den Autor

Currently an Assistant Editor for the journal Cell, Michaeleen Doucleff obtained her PhD in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley while working in the laboratory of David E. Wemmer. Doucleff then became a Nancy Nossal postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute's of Health in the laboratory of G. Marius Clore. Throughout her career, she has used NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography to characterize the structure and dynamics of transcription factors and their interaction with DNA.Mary Hatcher-Skeers is a Professor of Chemistry in the Joint Science Department of Claremont McKenna, Pitzer and Scripps Colleges in Claremont CA.  She teaches General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry and NMR Spectroscopy.  Hatcher-Skeers received her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Washington while working in the laboratory of Gary Drobny.  She was then a NIH Post-Doctoral Fellow in the labs of Judith Herzfeld at Brandeis University and Robert Griffin at MIT.  Professor Hatcher-Skeers' research uses solid-state and solution NMR spectroscopy to investigate the role of DNA structure and dynamics in protein and drug binding.  She has trained over 70 undergraduates in her research lab, a number who have gone on to graduate programs in chemistry and biochemistry.Nicole Crane, Ph.D. is currently a Scientist at the Naval Medical Research Center in Silver Spring, MD where she is establishing the Regenerative Medicine Department's Advanced Imaging Program.  Her research focuses on development and utilization of spectroscopic techniques to improve understanding of the wound healing process, particularly in traumatic acute wounds, as well as identifying and quantifying transplant-associated ischemia and reperfusion injury. Her experience as an applied spectroscopist includes applications in forensics, pharmaceuticals, and biomedicine. Dr. Crane has published over fifteen peer-reviewed publications and presented at numerous regional and national scientific meetings. She is also an inventor on two US patents. 

ISBN 3-642-16306-8

ISBN 978-3-642-16306-7

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