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Gross, Gerd (Herausgeber); Tyring, Stephen K. (Herausgeber)

Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, September 2011

925 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 50 schwarz-weiße und 200 farbige Abbildungen - 273x207x47 mm

ISBN: 3642146627 EAN: 9783642146626

This comprehensive, up-to-date reference book is intended to serve as the standard guide in the field. It covers the epidemiology and etiology of the various sexually transmitted infections and associated diseases, reviews novel diagnostic methods, and discusses in depth both new and established treatment methods. An important part of the book is devoted to prevention and particularly to immunoprevention by vaccination. Related issues such as sexual abuse, psychosocial aspects, and economic and political considerations are also included. The expertise of many worldwide renowned specialists and superb color illustrations make this book a valuable resource for practitioners from a variety of medical disciplines. It has a reader-friendly structure with "core messages" and "take-home pearls".

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Up-to-date information on current diagnosis and management of STDsReader-friendly structure with "core messages" and "take-home pearls" Edited and written by internationally renowned experts in the field Lavishly illustrated with superb color illustrations


History.- Epidemiology of STI.- Behavioural Aspects.- The Normal Genitalia: Structure and Physiology.- Bacterial Infections.- Viral Infections.- Ectoparasites.- Protozoan Infections.- Fungal Infections.- STD and Travel Medicine.- Therapy.- Prevention/Vaccines.- Novel Diagnostic Methods.- Non STI-Related Dermatosis in Female and Male Patients.- Sexually Transmitted Infections in Pediatrics, Perinatology and Reproduction.- Female Genital Mutilation and Risk for Transmission of STIs.- The Role of Circumcision in Preventing STIs.- Other Genital Infections.- Sexual Abuse.- Psychosocial issues.- Physical Barrier Methods and Microbicides.- Economic and Political Issues Associated with Sexually Transmitted Diseases.- Index.

Über den Autor

Professor Gerd Gross has been Director of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Rostock, Germany, since 1996. He is a recognized authority in the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. His particular field of interest is the impact and control of viruses in clinical medicine. He has been President of the German STD Society since 1998 and also Vice-President of the Paul Ehrlich Society for Chemotherapy. Professor Gross has published a large number of journal articles and five books in the field, including "Human Papillomavirus Infections. A Clinical Atlas". Dr. Stephen Tyring is a Clinical Professor in the Departments of Dermatology, Microbiology/Molecular Genetics, and Internal Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Dr. Tyring sits on several editorial boards and serves as a reviewer for a number of prestigious journals. He has been principal investigator for more than 200 successfully completed clinical trials. Dr. Tyring's research interests include the therapy and prevention of various mucocutaneous diseases, especially those disorders with an infectious and/or immunological basis. He is the author of more than 600 journal articles and book chapters as well as eight books, including one on sexually transmitted infections.


From the reviews: "This hefty ... book summarises the most up-to-date information on sexually transmitted infections and diseases. ... In view of its intended audience, 'the medical student and resident who are interested in infectious diseases ... and the microbiologist who will advance new developments in the field', the authors have certainly succeeded in providing a text that is up to its publisher's standard. ... research scientists, epidemiologists, and public health workers, might find it an authoritative and valuable work of reference, and a source of continuing inspiration." (Johannes Bogaards, The Lancet Infectious Diseases, Vol. 12, June, 2012)

ISBN 3-642-14662-7

ISBN 978-3-642-14662-6

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Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Gross, Gerd and Stephen K. Trying:
Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Springer, 2011. 925 Seiten Gebundene Ausgabe EAN: 9783642146626 (ISBN: 3642146627)

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