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Dan, Asit (Herausgeber); Gittler, Frédéric (Herausgeber); Toumani, Farouk (Herausgeber)

Service-Oriented Computing. ICSOC/ServiceWave 2009 Workshops International Workshops, ICSOC/ServiceWave 2009, Stockholm, Sweden, November 23-27, 2009, Revised Selected Papers (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6275

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, Dezember 2010

583 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 241x159x35 mm

ISBN: 3642161316 EAN: 9783642161315

delivery, and evolution. This track included two workshops that approach this challenge from two comp- mentaryperspectives.

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Track 1: Business Models and Architecture.- Future Research Topics in Enterprise Architecture Management - A Knowledge Management Perspective.- Enterprise Architecture Principles: Literature Review and Research Directions.- Something Is Missing: Enterprise Architecture from a Systems Theory Perspective.- A Reassessment of Enterprise Architecture Implementation.- The Dynamic Architecture Maturity Matrix: Instrument Analysis and Refinement.- Decoupling Models and Visualisations for Practical EA Tooling.- Cross-Organizational Security - The Service-Oriented Difference.- Enterprise Oriented Services.- Automated Realization of Business Workflow Specification.- PeopleCloud for the Globally Integrated Enterprise.- Public Disclosure versus Private Practice: Challenges in Business Process Management (Position Paper).- Analysing Dependencies in Service Compositions.- Open Service-Oriented Computing for Logistics: A Case in Courier, Express and Parcel Networks.- Gain in Transparency versus Investment in the EPC Network - Analysis and Results of a Discrete Event Simulation Based on a Case Study in the Fashion Industry.- Using Automated Analysis of Temporal-Aware SLAs in Logistics.- Flexible SLA Negotiation Using Semantic Annotations.- Track 2: Service Quality and Service Level Agreements Track.- Runtime Prediction of Service Level Agreement Violations for Composite Services.- A Framework for Multi-level SLA Management.- EC2 Performance Analysis for Resource Provisioning of Service-Oriented Applications.- On the Design of Compliance Governance Dashboards for Effective Compliance and Audit Management.- Transformation of Intermediate Nonfunctional Properties for Automatic Service Composition.- Dealing with Fixable and Non-fixable Properties in Service Matchmaking.- Using SLA Mapping to Increase Market Liquidity.- Translation of Service Level Agreements: A Generic Problem Definition.- Ontology-Based Feature Aggregation for Multi-valued Ranking.- Multi-level Monitoring and Analysis of Web-Scale Service Based Applications.- Calculating Service Fitness in Service Networks.- Applying Process Mining in SOA Environments.- Monitoring within an Autonomic Network: A GANA Based Network Monitoring Framework.- An Extensible Monitoring and Adaptation Framework.- Cross-Layer Adaptation and Monitoring of Service-Based Applications.- Towards a Unified Architecture for Resilience, Survivability and Autonomic Fault-Management for Self-managing Networks.- Replacement Policies for Service-Based Systems.- Retry Scopes to Enable Robust Workflow Execution in Pervasive Environments.- Integrating Complex Events for Collaborating and Dynamically Changing Business Processes.- Towards Business-Oriented Monitoring and Adaptation of Distributed Service-Based Applications from a Process Owner's Viewpoint.- Adaptation of Service-Based Applications Based on Process Quality Factor Analysis.- Delivering Multimedia in Autonomic Networking Environments.- An Initial Proposal for Data-Aware Resource Analysis of Orchestrations with Applications to Predictive Monitoring.- Track 3: Service Engineering Track.- Service Customization by Variability Modeling.- Towards a Quality Model for Choreography.- Towards a Conceptual Framework for Legacy to SOA Migration.- MINERVA: Model drIveN and sErvice oRiented Framework for the Continuous Business Process improVement and relAted Tools.- Design for Adaptation of Service-Based Applications: Main Issues and Requirements.- Towards Runtime Migration of WS-BPEL Processes.- Encapsulating Multi-stepped Web Forms as Web Services.- Adapter Patterns for Resolving Mismatches in Service Discovery.- Lightweight Composition of Ad-Hoc Enterprise-Class Applications with Context-Aware Enterprise Mashups.- User-Centric Composition of Service Front-Ends at the Presentation Layer.- On the Support of Dynamic Service Composition at Runtime.- Rethinking the Semantic Annotation of Services.- Service Composition for Everyone: A Study of Risks and Benefits.- Using Personal Information Management Infrastructures to Facilitate User-Generated Services for Personal Use.- Towards Ontology Matching for Intelligent Gadgets.

ISBN 3-642-16131-6

ISBN 978-3-642-16131-5

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