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Bryson, Bill (Herausgeber)

Seeing Further The Story of Science and the Royal Society (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Harper Collins Publ. UK, Juli 2011

Trade Paperback - 500 S. - Sprache: Englisch - with index - 231x172x42 mm

ISBN: 0007302576 EAN: 9780007302574

Edited and introduced by Bill Bryson, with contributions from Dawkins and Attenborough among others, this is a remarkable volume celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society. Since its inception in 1660, the Royal Society has pioneered scientific discovery. The oldest scientific academy in existence, its backbone is its Fellowship of the most eminent scientists, including Einstein. This illustrated book celebrates the Royal Society's huge contribution to modern science. With unrestricted access to archives and photographs, SEEING FURTHER shows that the history of scientific endeavour and discovery shapes the world we live in today.

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Über den Autor

Bill Bryson's many books include, most recently 'The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid' as well as 'A Short History of Nearly Everything', 'I'm a Stranger Here Myself', 'A walk in the Woods', 'Neither Here Nor There', 'Made in America', and 'Notes from a Small Island'. He edited 'The Best American Travel Writing 2000'. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, he now lives in Norfolk with his wife and four children.


'Provocative, admirable and highly readable' Sunday Times 'This is a book with cerebral riches, heavy with history, to be consumed at leisure...it is also beautifully illustrated' Guardian 'This book makes abundantly clear what was best about the society 350 years ago, and remains so today, is an unshakeable commitment to the value of rational inquiry and evidence as the basis for good decision making...lavishly illustrated, it manages to strike just the right note between celebration and provocation' Financial Times 'Beautifully produced and sumptuously illustrated book...gem-like contributions, from a heady mix of FRS (Fellow of the Royal Society)...a fitting memorial to the Royal Society and all it stands for...this beautiful book showcases distinguished scientists making difficult concepts exciting and accessible, and eloquent narrators diverting us with page-turning tales, all in their own distinct ways' Independent on Sunday 'This weighty tome, celebrating 350 years of the Royal Society, is a must read for any lay scientist, but it is also accessible for curious non scientists... in a vivid introduction, Bill Bryson highlights some of the many interdisciplinary discoveries made by notables such as Isacc Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Lister and Isambard Kingdom Brunel... a pleasingly thematic appraisal of this centuries-old institution brought to you by 20 esteemed writers... lets look forward to another 350 years of groundbreaking discovery' Time Out "Seeing Further' is a handsome book - it is beautifully illustrated - containing thoughtful insights, eloquently expressed...as a celebration of 350 years of modern science, it is a worthy tribute' Economist

ISBN 0-007302-57-6, ISBN 0-00-730257-6, ISBN 0-00730-257-6, ISBN 0-007-30257-6, ISBN 0-0073-0257-6

ISBN 978-0-007302-57-4, ISBN 978-0-00-730257-4, ISBN 978-0-00730-257-4, ISBN 978-0-007-30257-4, ISBN 978-0-0073-0257-4

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