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Kim, Tai-Hoon (Herausgeber); Stoica, Adrian (Herausgeber); Chang, Ruay-Shiung (Herausgeber)

Security-Enriched Urban Computing and Smart Grid First International Conference, SUComS 2010, Daejeon, Korea, September 15-17, 2010. Proceedings (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Communications in Computer and Information Science 78

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, Oktober 2010

659 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 240x159x25 mm

ISBN: 3642164439 EAN: 9783642164439

Security-enriched urban computing and smart grids are areas that attracted many a- demic and industry professionals to research and develop. The goal of this conference was to bring together researchers from academia and industry as well as practitioners to share ideas, problems and solutions relating to the multifaceted aspects of urban computing and the smart grid. This conference includes the following special sessions: Signal Processing, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Communications (SIPC 2010), Networking, Fault-tolerance and Security For Distributed Computing Systems (NFSDCS 2010), Security Technology Application (STA 2010), Electric Transportation (ElecTrans 2010), Techniques of Bi-directional Power Computing in High Voltage Power Supply (TBPC 2010), Low Power IT and Applications (LPITA 2010), Computational Intel- gence and Soft Computing (CISC 2010), Distributed Computing and Sensor Networks (DCSN 2010), Advanced Fusion IT (AFIT 2010), Social Media and Social Netwo- ing (SMSN 2010), Software Engineering and Medical Information Engineering (SEMIE 2010), Human-Centered Advanced Research/Education (HuCARE 2010), Database Integrity and Security (DIS 2010), Ubiquitous IT Application (UITA 2010) and Smart Grid Applications (SGA 2010). We would like to express our gratitude to all of the authors of the submitted papers and to all attendees, for their contributions and participation. We believe in the need for continuing this undertaking in the future.

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Genetic-Annealing Algorithm in Grid Environment for Scheduling Problems.- Dynamic Increasing the Capacity of Transmission Line Based on the Kylin Operating System.- Projective Illumination Technique in Unprepared Environments for Augmented Reality Applications.- The Design of Modular Web-Based Collaboration.- Design of a Forecasting Service System for Monitoring of Vulnerabilities of Sensor Networks.- A Study on M2M-based System for Hygienic Meteorology Service.- Knowledge Integration and Use-Case Analysis for a Customized Drug-Drug Interaction CDS Service.- A Study on Markerless AR-Based Infant Education System Using CBIR.- A Study on Home Network User Authentication Using Token-Based OTP.- Web-Based Media Contents Editor for UCC Websites.- A Study on AR 3D Objects Shading Method Using Electronic Compass Sensor.- A New Approach for Semantic Web Matching.- Security Enhancement for Authentication of Nodes in MANET by Checking the CRL Status of Servers.- Performance Evaluation Analysis of Group Mobility in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Procedure of Partitioning Data Into Number of Data Sets or Data Group - A Review.- Processing of Handwritten Signature Image for Authentication.- Access Requirement Analysis of E-Governance Systems.- Cognitive Informatics in Medical Image Semantic Content Understanding.- An Attack on Wavelet Tree Shuffling Encryption Schemes.- Context Aware Systems, Methods and Trends in Smart Home Technology.- Data Hiding a Key Management for Interoperable Urban Services.- Machine-Type-Communication (MTC) Device Grouping Algorithm for Congestion Avoidance of MTC Oriented LTE Network.- An Architecture for the Emotion-Based Ubiquitous Services in Wearable Computing Environment.- Adaptive Data Dissemination Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Scalable Multicast Protocols for Overlapped Groups in Broker-Based Sensor Networks.- On Reducing the Impact of Exceptional Conditions on Museum Sightseeing Crowdedness Control Mechanisms.- A Communication Architecture for Monitoring and Diagnosing Distribution Systems.- Network Infrastructure for Electric Vehicle Charging.- Prediction of Personal Power Consumption Using the Moving Average Technique.- Personalized Energy Portal Service Using Consumers' Profile Information.- Reliable Power Quality Data Delivery Mechanism Using Neural Network in Wireless Sensor Network.- A New Challenge of Microgrid Operation.- Authentication System for Electrical Charging of Electrical Vehicles in the Housing Development.- Design of a Multi-agent System for Personalized Service in the Smart Grid.- An Efficient Scheduling Scheme on Charging Stations for Smart Transportation.- Design for Run-Time Monitor on Cloud Computing.- Design of an Advertisement Scenario for Electric Vehicles Using Digital Multimedia Broadcasting.- Development of Wireless RFID Glove for Various Applications.- Implementation of RFID Tag for Metal Surface Mount.- U-Bus System Design Based on WSN for the Blind People.- Measurements and Modeling of Noise on 22.9-kV Medium-Voltage Underground Power Line for Broadband Power Line Communication.- Optimal Control Method of Electric Power Generation in Multi Level Water Dams.- Real-Time Hand Gesture SEMG Using Spectral Estimation and LVQ for Two-Wheel Control.- A Self-deployment Scheme for Mobile Sensor Network with Obstacle Avoidance.- ICSW2AN : An Inter-vehicle Communication System Using Mobile Access Point over Wireless Wide Area Networks.- MAMODE: A Routing Scheme Using Mixed Address Mode for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Processing of Large-Scale Nano-ink Data by Supercomputer.- Efficient Resource Management and Task Migration in Mobile Grid Environments.- Group-based Scheduling Algorithm for Fault Tolerance in Mobile Grid.- Context-Aware Hierarchy k-Depth Estimation and Energy-Efficient Clustering in Ad-hoc Network.- Two Scheduling Schemes for Extending the Lifetime of Directional Sensor Networks.- Data Aggregation Using Mobile Agent Mechanism on Distributed Sensor Networks.- Issues on Selecting National R&D Project.- A Study on S-band Short-range Surveillance Radar Optimum Deployment Considering Frequency Interference.- Proposal of Secure VoIP System Using Attribute Certificate.- Cooperation System Design for the XMDR-Based Business Process.- Architecture of the SDP in the Cloud Environment.- P-CSCF's Algorithm for Solving NAT Traversal.- Model Based User's Access Requirement Analysis of E-Governance Systems.- Energy Efficient, Chain Based Clustering Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Chain Based Hierarchical Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Extraction of Features from Signature Image and Signature Verification Using Clustering Techniques.- Medical Imaging: A Review.- Hybridization of GA and ANN to Solve Graph Coloring.- Alerting of Laboratory Critical Values.- Accuracy and Performance Evaluation of a Laboratory Results Alerting.- National Medical Terminology Server in Korea.- A Typology for Modeling Processes in Clinical Guidelines and Protocols.- How Process Helps You in Developing a High Quality Medical Information System.- An Implementation Strategy of Evidence-Based Application Lifecycle Management.- Architecture and Workflow of Medical Knowledge Repository.- SW Architecture for Access to Medical Information for Knowledge Execution.- Implementation of Wireless Sensor Networks Based Pig Farm Integrated Management System in Ubiquitous Agricultural Environments.- A Study on Energy Efficient MAC Protocol of Wireless Sensor Network for Ubiquitous Agriculture.- An u-Service Model Based on a Smart Phone for Urban Computing Environments.- An Incremental Join Algorithm in Sensor Network.- Interface of Augmented Reality Game Using Face Tracking and Its Application to Advertising.- Bankruptcy Problem Approach to Load-Shedding in Agent-Based Microgrid Operation.- State of the Art of Network Security Perspectives in Cloud Computing.- Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Networks Based Paprika Green House System.- An Implementation of the Salt-Farm Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Network.

ISBN 3-642-16443-9

ISBN 978-3-642-16443-9

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