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Lunenfeld, Peter

Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading Tales of the Computer as Culture Machine (Gebundene Ausgabe)

The MIT Press, Mai 2011

219 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 210x146x22 mm

ISBN: 0262015471 EAN: 9780262015479

As we hurtle into thetwenty-first century, will we be passive downloaders of content or activeuploaders of meaning?

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"'Cultural diabetes,' 'plutopian meliorism,' and 'Teflon objects' are only a few of the extraordinarily vivid concepts Peter Lunenfeld points out in this fascinating and impressionistic journey of the key cultural and technological events -- from the atomic bomb to the ubiquity of Google -- that have landed us in our brave new networked, searchable, and data-filled world." Judith Donath , Faculty Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University "It is formally impossible to write a book that is more of-the-moment than Peter Lunenfeld's The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading." Bruce Sterling , futurist, science fiction author, and net critic "Written in sharp, fast-paced prose, Peter Lunenfeld's provocative new book implores today's creative citizens to make more and consume less. In a culture glutted with slick, Teflon-coated downloads, we need to push ourselves to upload our own content. If our work has sticky surfaces and rough edges, it will bond with other ideas in the network and contribute to an ongoing dialogue. The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading is a ready-to-use manifesto for contemporary media practice." Ellen Lupton , curator of contemporary design, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and author of Thinking with Type

Über den Autor

Peter Lunenfeld is a Professor in the Design Media Arts Department at UCLA. He is the author of Snap to Grid: A User¿s Guide to Digital Arts, Media, and Cultures (2000, 2001) and User: InfoTechnoDemo (2005), both published by the MIT Press


"This is a relatively short, deftly written and attractively published book... I haven't come across a better book on this general topic, or a potentially more influential one" --William Kowinski, North Coast Journal "Well known as one of the best analysts of digital culture, he opens here a certain number of historical, cultural, political, and ideological questions that make this book a real must-read for all those looking for new answers to the problems that modern technoculture has been facing..." -- Jan Baetans, Leonardo Online "The Secret War Between Uploading and Downloading by Peter Lunenfeld is the most insightful work on web realpolitik I've read in a couple of years.His analysis/analogy of how ideas emerge to take hold of public discourse and then fade again, based on the Gestalt notion of "figure/ground" (you'll get it when you read it...) has altered the way I see the webworld, and will significantly change the way I talk to clients about what's going on out there."- The Strategy Review

ISBN 0-262015-47-1, ISBN 0-26-201547-1, ISBN 0-26201-547-1, ISBN 0-262-01547-1, ISBN 0-2620-1547-1

ISBN 978-0-262015-47-9, ISBN 978-0-26-201547-9, ISBN 978-0-26201-547-9, ISBN 978-0-262-01547-9, ISBN 978-0-2620-1547-9

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