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Rock dreams. Under the boardwalk.

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Rock dreams. Under the boardwalk.

First edition.
London. Pan Books, 1974. [150] S. Mit zahlr. farb. Abb. Originalbroschur. ISBN: 0330240080 (EAN: 9780330240086 / 978-0330240086)

Einband leicht berieben. Papierbedingt leicht gebräunt. - "Under The Boardwalk" was a record by the Drifters early in the sixties, later revived by the Rolling Stones: a marvellous song about privacy and escape. It is set on an American beach, in high summer, with everything heat and noise and bustle. A world full of blaring music, and over-filled bikinis, and hamburger stalls. Smells of greasy french fries, sounds of the amusement park. Everybody staring. No secrecy and no chance of ease. But under the boardwalk it feels different. Under the boardwalk you are hidden away, where no heat can reach you, nor any hassles. Lying on a blanket with your girl, and the radio soft beside you, and a bottle of Coca Cola, ice-cold. The beach is only a few feet away, yet infinitely distant, as though only dreamed, in flashes. An inferno - sweat, din, exposure - but here you lie in shade and are inviolate. Nothing can reach you, nobody can touch you. All you do is daydream. These daydreams, more than anything, are what this book is about. Rock as a secret society, as an enclosed teen fantasy. Other volumes, dozens of them, have dealt with it in much more solemn terms, as sociology or theology, mysticism, sub-culture or art. "Rock Dreams" deals in images and obsession: Rock 'n' Roll romances. We have tried, above all, to catch the most crucial dreams in each new stage as Rock has developed. To convey the different flavours of different phases, how they felt and what were those visions: the ways in which those visions changed, grew up more complex, diversified, and the ways in which they remained always the same. Rock in its myths, its heroisms and villainies; its triumphs and catastrophies; in its landscapes, props and backdrops; its ironies, its cruelties and sentimentalities, its celebrations, its fetishes. Its ever-changing, never-changing rituals. ISBN 0330240080

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ISBN 0-330240-08-0, ISBN 0-33-024008-0, ISBN 0-33024-008-0, ISBN 0-330-24008-0, ISBN 0-3302-4008-0

ISBN 978-0-330240-08-6, ISBN 978-0-33-024008-6, ISBN 978-0-33024-008-6, ISBN 978-0-330-24008-6, ISBN 978-0-3302-4008-6

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