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Lalmas, Mounia (Herausgeber); Jose, Joemon (Herausgeber); Rauber, Andreas (Herausgeber); Sebastiani, Roberto (Herausgeber); Frommholz, Ingo (Herausgeber)

Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries 14th European Conference, ECDL 2010, Glasgow, UK, September 6-10, 2010, Proceedings (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6273

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, September 2010

573 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 238x158x30 mm

ISBN: 3642154638 EAN: 9783642154638

In the 14 years since its ?rst edition back in 1997, the European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL) has become the reference meeting for an interdisciplinary community of researchers and practitioners whose professional activities revolve around the theme of d- th ital libraries. This volume contains the proceedings of ECDL 2010, the 14 conference in this series, which, following Pisa (1997), Heraklion (1998), Paris (1999),Lisbon(2000),Darmstadt(2001),Rome(2002),Trondheim(2003),Bath (2004), Vienna (2005), Alicante (2006), Budapest (2007), Aarhus (2008), and Corfu (2009), was held in Glasgow, UK, during September 6-10, 2010. th Asidefrombeingthe14 edition of ECDL, this was also the last, at least with this name since starting with 2011, ECDL will be renamed (so as to avoid acronym con?icts with the European Computer Driving Licence) to TPLD, standing for the Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries. We hope you all will join us for TPDL 2011 in Berlin! For ECDL 2010 separate calls for papers, posters and demos were issued, - sulting in the submission to the conference of 102 full papers, 40 posters and 13 demos. This year, for the full papers, ECDL experimented with a novel, two-tier reviewing model, with the aim of further improving the quality of the resu- ing program. A ?rst-tier Program Committee of 87 members was formed, and a further Senior Program Committee composed of 15 senior members of the DL community was set up.

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Keynote: The Web Changes Everything: Understanding and Supporting People in Dynamic Information Environments.- Keynote: The Web Changes Everything: Understanding and Supporting People in Dynamic Information Environments.- System Architectures.- Modelling Digital Libraries Based on Logic.- General-Purpose Digital Library Content Laboratory Systems.- Component-Based Authoring of Complex, Petri net-based Digital Library Infrastructure.- Metadata.- Uncovering Hidden Qualities - Benefits of Quality Measures for Automatically Generated Metadata.- Query Transformation in a CIDOC CRM Based Cultural Metadata Integration Environment.- User-Contributed Descriptive Metadata for Libraries and Cultural Institutions.- Multimedia IR.- An Approach to Content-Based Image Retrieval Based on the Lucene Search Engine Library.- Evaluation Constructs for Visual Video Summaries.- Visual Expression for Organizing and Accessing Music Collections in MusicWiz.- Interaction and Interoperability.- An Architecture for Supporting RFID-Enhanced Interactions in Digital Libraries.- New Evidence on the Interoperability of Information Systems within UK Universities.- Enhancing Digital Libraries with Social Navigation: The Case of Ensemble.- Digital Preservation.- Automating Logical Preservation for Small Institutions with Hoppla.- Estimating Digitization Costs in Digital Libraries Using DiCoMo.- In Pursuit of an Expressive Vocabulary for Preserved New Media Art.- Social Web/Web 2.0.- Privacy-Aware Folksonomies.- Seamless Web Editing for Curated Content.- Automatic Classification of Social Tags.- Search in Digital Libraries.- Exploring the Impact of Search Interface Features on Search Tasks.- Relevance in Technicolor.- Application of Session Analysis to Search Interface Design.- (Meta) Analysis of Digital Libraries.- An Analysis of the Evolving Coverage of Computer Science Sub-fields in the DBLP Digital Library.- Analysis of Computer Science Communities Based on DBLP.- Citation Graph Based Ranking in Invenio.- Query Log Analysis.- A Search Log-Based Approach to Evaluation.- Determining Time of Queries for Re-ranking Search Results.- Ranking Entities Using Web Search Query Logs.- Cooperative Work in DLs.- Examining Group Work: Implications for the Digital Library as Sharium.- Architecture for a Collaborative Research Environment Based on Reading List Sharing.- CritSpace: A Workspace for Critical Engagement within Cultural Heritage Digital Libraries.- Ontologies.- German Encyclopedia Alignment Based on Information Retrieval Techniques.- Lightweight Parsing of Classifications into Lightweight Ontologies.- Measuring Effectiveness of Geographic IR Systems in Digital Libraries.- Domain-Specific DLs.- A Visual Digital Library Approach for Time-Oriented Scientific Primary Data.- DINAH, A Philological Platform for the Construction of Multi-structured Documents.- The PROBADO Project - Approach and Lessons Learned in Building a Digital Library System for Heterogeneous Non-textual Documents.- Posters.- Capacity-Constrained Query Formulation.- AAT-Taiwan: Toward a Multilingual Access to Cultural Objects.- Using Pattern Language as a Framework for Future Metadata Structure.- i-TEL-u: A Query Suggestion Tool for Integrating Heterogeneous Contexts in a Digital Library.- The Planets Testbed.- A Functionality Perspective on Digital Library Interoperability.- Overview and Results of the INEX 2009 Interactive Track.- SciPlore Xtract: Extracting Titles from Scientific PDF Documents by Analyzing Style Information (Font Size).- Academic Publication Management with PUMA - Collect, Organize and Share Publications.- Using Mind Maps to Model Semistructured Documents.- Towards a Public Library Digital Service Taxonomy.- Multimodal Image Collection Visualization Using Non-negative Matrix Factorization.- A New Perspective on Collection Selection.- Creating a Flexible Preservation Infrastructure for Electronic Records.- Matching Intellectual Works for Rights Management in the European Library.- Mopseus - A Digital Library Management System Focused on Preservation.- Link Proximity Analysis - Clustering Websites by Examining Link Proximity.- SliDL: A Slide Digital Library Supporting Content Reuse in Presentations.- Metadata Impact on Research Paper Similarity.- Exploring the Influence of Tagging Motivation on Tagging Behavior.- A Teaching Tool for Parasitology: Enhancing Learning with Annotation and Image Retrieval.- Framework for Logging and Exploiting the Information Retrieval Dialog.- Defining the Dynamicity and Diversity of Text Collections.- Manuzio: A Model for Digital Annotated Text and Its Query/Programming Language.- Effective Term Weighting for Sentence Retrieval.- User-Oriented Evaluation of Color Descriptors for Web Image Retrieval.- A Topic-Specific Web Search System Focusing on Quality Pages.- Reliable Preservation of Interactive Environments and Workflows.- Automated Country Name Disambiguation for Code Set Alignment.- LIFE-SHARE Project: Developing a Digitisation Strategy Toolkit.- Ensemble: A Distributed Portal for the Distributed Community of Computing Education.- A New Focus on End Users: Eye-Tracking Analysis for Digital Libraries.- Digital Library Educational Module Development Strategies and Sustainable Enhancement by the Community.- Demos.- Approach to Cross-Language Retrieval for Japanese Traditional Fine Art: Ukiyo-e Database.- Open Source Historical OCR: The OCRopodium Project.- A Voice-Oriented Image Cataloguing Environment.- DMP Online: A Demonstration of the Digital Curation Centre's Web-Based Tool for Creating, Maintaining and Exporting Data Management Plans.- DiLiA - The Digital Library Assistant.- Xeproc©: A Model-Based Approach towards Document Process Preservation.- A Prototype Personalization System for the European Library Portal.- Meta-Composer: Synthesizing Online FRBR Works from Library Resources.- Digital Library in a 3D Virtual World: The Digital Bleek and Lloyd Collection in Second Life.

ISBN 3-642-15463-8

ISBN 978-3-642-15463-8

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