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Bhattacharya, Niranjan (Herausgeber); Stubblefield, Phillip (Herausgeber)

Regenerative Medicine Using Pregnancy-Specific Biological Substances (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer, Dezember 2010

2011. - 496 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 260x193x36 mm Book

ISBN: 1848827172 EAN: 9781848827172

The proposed book is a holistic review of the clinical use of placental substances, amniotic fluid, the umbilical cord and its contents. It is intended to be a unique presentation of the current advances as well as also discussing the future applications of these substances. Attention is yet to be focused on the widespread clinical use of pregnancy-related biological substances. The aim for this book is to inform clinicians of the use of such materials and increase awareness of their therapeutic benefits. As such, this reference resource will be of great value to hematologists, rheumatologists, cardiologists, transplant technologists and all involved in regenerative medicine.

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Analyses pregnancy specific substance use and potential in regenerative medicine and surgery Explores potential for cord blood in cardiovascular surgery applications Reviews use of amniotic fluid as cell therapy in arthritis with degeneration


Foreword Section 1 Massive wastage of Pregnancy Specific biological substances Massive Wastage of the Global Resources Section 2: Basic science and Placental use Placenta as a source of stem cells and as a key organ for fetomaternal tolerance Use of Placenta as Medicine: Placenta and Umbilical Cord in Traditional Chinese Medicine Section 3: Cardiovascular and angiology Umbilical vein graft for lower limb revascularisation Use of umbilical venous blood on assessing the biochemical variations of acid-base, nutritional and metabolic parameters on growth-retarded fetuses, in comparison with gestational control cases: A study. Cord Blood Stem Cells in Angiogenesis Endothelial Progenitor Cells From Cord Blood: Magic Bullets Against Ischemia? Section 4: Cord blood Transfusion perspectives Use of Placental Umbilical cord blood in transfusion Medicine Use of Placental Umbilical cord blood in Paediatrics Clinical Experience of Cord blood autologous transfusion Emergency Use of Human Cord Blood hemoglobin based oxygen carriers in trauma CARE: The U. S. Multicenter Prehosptial trial. Cord blood as transfusion substitute in Emergency. Section 5: Use of Placental Umbilical cord blood in subspecialities of Regeneration medicine in neurology Anti-inflammatory effects of human cord blood and its potential implication in neurological disorders Transforming "waste" into gold: Identification of Novel stem cell resources with therapeutic potential in neuromuscular disorders Human Umbilical Cord Blood Cells for Stroke Cord blood in Neurology Section 6: Immunotherapy potential of Fetal Cell in Maternal System Implications of feto-maternal cell transfer in normal pregnancy Immunotherapy potential of Cord blood transfusion in cases of advanced breast Cancer Section 7: Use of Placental Umbilical cord blood in Orthopaedics Cord Blood - An alternative source for bone regeneration Section 8: Use of Placental Umbilical cord blood serum in Opthalmology Umbilical Cord Blood Use in Opthalmology Section 9: Use of Placental Umbilical cord blood in Cardiology Therapeutic Potential of Placental Umbilical Cord Blood in Cardiology Cord Blood in Cardiology Cord blood in Myocardial infarction Section 10: Use of Placental Umbilical cord blood in other subspecialities of Regeneration Medicine Umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells Cord Blood Stem Cell Expansion ex vivo: Current Status and Future Strategies Advances in cord blood regeneration Use of Non-hematopoietic stem cells of fetal origin from cord blood, umbilical cord and placenta in Regeneration Medicine Animal Studies of Cord Blood and Regeneration Immune privileges of Cord Blood Cord Blood in Regenerative Medicine: Recent advances Section 11: Clinical use of Amniotic fluid Placenta and amniotic fluid: a massive wastage of human resources - a perspective on its current and potential use Use of Amniotic fluid in non healing ulcer dressing Section 12: Cord blood collection variability and Banking Comparisons between Related and Unrelated Cord Blood Collection and/or Banking for Transplantation or Research Donor and Collection-related Variables Affecting Product Quality in Ex-utero Cord Blood Banking Collection of cord blood as a source of hematopoietic progenitors for transplantation Section 13: Ethics Ethical issues surrounding Umbilical Cord Blood donation and banking


From the reviews:"This book describes clinical and preclinical research involving the use of the human umbilical cord, amnion, and placenta for regenerative medicine. It contains a wealth of information and new ideas. ... It is written for clinicians and basic science researchers interested in pregnancy and regenerative medicine ... . documents innovative approaches to regenerative medicine using cord blood and other pregnancy-associated substances. Carefully edited, it provides a fascinating snapshot of current research. This is an important topic that is not often addressed." (Bruce A. Fenderson, Doody's Review Service, January, 2012)

ISBN 1-848827-17-2, ISBN 1-84-882717-2, ISBN 1-84882-717-2, ISBN 1-848-82717-2, ISBN 1-8488-2717-2

ISBN 978-1-848827-17-2, ISBN 978-1-84-882717-2, ISBN 978-1-84882-717-2, ISBN 978-1-848-82717-2, ISBN 978-1-8488-2717-2

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