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Kodama, Hiroaki (Herausgeber); Komamine, Atsushi (Herausgeber)

RNAi and Plant Gene Function Analysis Methods and Protocols (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Humana Press, Mai 2011

2011 - 256 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 268x192x20 mm Book

ISBN: 1617791229 EAN: 9781617791222

The use of RNAi technology is essential for most plant science researchers. As DNA sequence information increases, so the need for functional annotation of target genes also increases. Authoritative and accessible, RNAi and Plant Gene Function Analysis: Methods and Protocols seeks to serve as an ideal guide to scientists of all backgrounds looking to further their knowledge of this fundamental science. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology(TM) series format, chapters contain introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and notes on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.  In addition to the functional annotation of unknown genes, RNAi technology has been applied to the genetic engineering of important plant metabolites including starches, oils, and storage proteins. RNAi has been used to engineer plants resistant to plant viruses and also to nematodes and insects. RNAi and Plant Gene Function Analysis: Methods and Protocols will provide both professionals and novices of plant biotechnology and breeding research with essential tips for designing experiments meant to explore plant gene function.

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Includes cutting-edge methods and protocolsProvides step-by-step detail essential for reproducible resultsContains key notes and implementation advice from the experts


1. Overview of Plant RNAi            Yuichiro Watanabe 2. Caveat of RNAi in Plants: the Off-Target Effect            Muthappa Senthil-Kumar and Kirankumar S. Mysore 3. Plant Gateway Vectors for RNAi as a Tool for Functional Genomic Studies            Toshiya Muranaka 4. Heat-Inducible RNAi for Gene Functional Analysis in Plants            Frédéric Masclaux and Jean-Philippe Galaud 5. Gene Function Analysis by Artificial MicroRNAs in Physcomitrella patens            Basel Khraiwesh, Isam Fattash, M. Asif Arif, and Wolfgang Frank 6. Virus-Induced Gene Silencing in Ornamental Plants            Cai-Zhong Jiang, Jen-Chih Chen, and Michael Reid 7. Local RNA Silencing Mediated by Agroinfiltration            Jutta Maria Helm, Elena Dadami, and Kriton Kalantidis 8. Direct Transfer of Synthetic Double-Stranded RNA into Protoplasts of Arabidopsis thaliana            Ha-il Jung, Zhiyang Zhai and Olena K. Vatamaniuk 9. Detection of Long and Short Double-Stranded RNAs            Toshiyuki Fukuhara, Syunichi Urayama, Ryo Okada, Eri Kiyota, and Hiromitsu Moriyama 10. Quantitative Stem-Loop RT-PCR for Detection of MicroRNAs            Erika Varkonyi-Gasic and Roger P. Hellens 11. Large Scale Sequencing of Plant Small RNAs            William P. Donovan, Yuanji Zhang, and Miya D. Howell 12. Computational Prediction of Plant miRNA Targets            Ying-Hsuan Sun, Shanfa Lu, Rui Shi, and Vincent L. Chiang 13. Bisulfite Sequencing for Cytosine-Methylation Analysis in Plants            Nazmul Haque and Masamichi Nishiguchi 14. Using Nuclear Run-On Transcription Assays in RNAi Studies            Basel Khraiwesh 15. Proteomic Analysis of RNA-Interference Induced Knockdown Plant            Sang Yeol Lee and Kyun Oh Lee 16. Comparative Analysis of Phosphoprotein Expression using 2D-DIGE            Tomoya Asano and Takumi Nishiuchi

ISBN 1-617791-22-9, ISBN 1-61-779122-9, ISBN 1-61779-122-9, ISBN 1-617-79122-9, ISBN 1-6177-9122-9

ISBN 978-1-617791-22-2, ISBN 978-1-61-779122-2, ISBN 978-1-61779-122-2, ISBN 978-1-617-79122-2, ISBN 978-1-6177-9122-2

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