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Lawton, Jean-Marc; Gross, Richard; Rolls, Geoff

Psychology A2 for AQA (A) (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Hodder Education Group, Juni 2011

521 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 264x197x27 mm

ISBN: 144412336X EAN: 9781444123364

Studying Psychology at A2 level? Here's your chance to learn it, love it, and get a better grade than you may have thought possible with Psychology A2 for AQA (A)!Our writing team includes a Senior Examiner, and two of the UK's bestselling Psychology authors. They have covered every option in the A2 specification in manageable sections. Each chapter offers many ways into each topic and pushes you to better grades as your confidence increases.Core information is set out simply - supported by key terms, and real life examples to help you understand topics and concepts from a new angle. When you've got the basics, there are detailed evaluations of research, supplementary learning and extensive guidance on Issues, Debates and Approaches to help you build confidence and reach for the best possible grades.Inside the colourfully designed and illustrated pages you'll find features to help you:- Check your progress in mini-assessments- Revise and strengthen your learning- Understand research methods by designing your own experiments- Evaluate key research studies- Develop your essay writing skills for the exam. So take this chance to learn all about the influences, processes and mechanisms that make us who we are - and get a good A2 in the process!

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Fresh, engaging and complete support for all topics in AQA (A) A2 Psychology from leading experts


Introduction 1 Biological rhythms and sleep 2 Perception 3 Relationships 4 Aggression 5 Eating behaviour 6 Gender 7 Intelligence 8 Cognition and development 9 Psychopathology 10 Media psychology 11 The psychology of addictive behaviour 12 Anomalistic psychology 13 Psychological research and scientific method Index

Über den Autor

Jean-Marc Lawton is a senior examiner at AS and A2 for a major awarding body, and has been teaching Psychology for over 20 years. He has written several revision and unit guides and makes regular contributions to 'Psychology Review'. Jean-Marc also delivers revision conferences and teacher support sessions on both AS and A2 Psychology units. Richard Gross is the leading author in Psychology publishing in the UK. His bestselling titles include Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour, Key Studies in Psychology and Themes, Issues and Debates in Psychology. Geoff Rolls is Head of Psychology at Peter Symonds College, one of the biggest AQA centres for Psychology and rated 'outstanding' in its last two Ofsted inspections. A highly experienced teacher he is also author of Classic Cases in Psychology.

ISBN 1-444123-36-X, ISBN 1-44-412336-X, ISBN 1-44412-336-X, ISBN 1-444-12336-X, ISBN 1-4441-2336-X

ISBN 978-1-444123-36-4, ISBN 978-1-44-412336-4, ISBN 978-1-44412-336-4, ISBN 978-1-444-12336-4, ISBN 978-1-4441-2336-4

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