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Richter-Gebert, Jürgen

Perspectives on Projective Geometry A Guided Tour Through Real and Complex Geometry (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, August 2011

571 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 130 schwarz-weiße und 250 farbige Abbildungen, 8 schwarz-weiße Tabellen - 243x162x38 mm Book

ISBN: 3642172857 EAN: 9783642172854

Projective geometry is one of the most fundamental and at the same time most beautiful branches of geometry. It can be considered the common foundation of many other geometric disciplines like Euclidean geometry, hyperbolic and elliptic geometry or even relativistic space-time geometry. This book offers a comprehensive introduction to this fascinating field and its applications. In particular, it explains how metric concepts may be best understood in projective terms. One of the major themes that appears throughout this book is the beauty of the interplay between geometry, algebra and combinatorics. This book can especially be used as a guide that explains how geometric objects and operations may be most elegantly expressed in algebraic terms, making it a valuable resource for mathematicians, as well as for computer scientists and physicists. The book is based on the author's experience in implementing geometric software and includes hundreds of high-quality illustrations.

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A comprehensive modern language introduction into the classical topic of projective geometryVery accessible writing and numerous high quality illustrationsIncludes many concrete recipes for implementation of geometric operations


1 Pappos's Theorem: Nine Proofs and Three Variations.- 2 Projective Planes.- 3 Homogeneous Coordinates.- 4 Lines and Cross-Ratios.- 5 Calculating with Points on Lines.- 6 Determinants.- 7 More on Bracket Algebra.- 8 Quadrilateral Sets and Liftings.- 9 Conics and Their Duals.- 10 Conics and Perspectivity.- 11 Calculating with Conics.- 12 Projective $d$-space.- 13 Diagram Techniques.- 14 Working with diagrams.- 15 Configurations, Theorems, and Bracket Expressions.- 16 Complex Numbers: A Primer.- 17 The Complex Projective Line.- 18 Euclidean Geometry.- 19 Euclidean Structures from a Projective Perspective.- 20 Cayley-Klein Geometries.- 21 Measurements and Transformations.- 22 Cayley-Klein Geometries at Work.- 23 Circles and Cycles.- 24 Non-Euclidean Geometry: A Historical Interlude.- 25 Hyperbolic Geometry.- 26 Selected Topics in Hyperbolic Geometry.- 27 What We Did Not Touch.- References.- Index.

Über den Autor

Full Professor for Geometry and Visualization at Technical University Munich. Research in combinatorial, computational and dynamic geometry, automated geometric theorem proving and visualization. Author of the dynamic geometry program Cinderella and of the interactive visualization portal Mathe-Vital. Cinderella was awarded the Multimedia Innovation Award, the European Academic Software Award and the Deutsche Bildungssoftwarepreis. Mathe-Vital won the renowned MedidaPrix in 2008.


From the reviews: Choice - Oustanding Academic Title in 2012 "The author covers most of the traditional topics in real projective geometry, and extends the concepts through complex projective geometry. He provides the reader with concise proofs, clear and insightful presentations, and a coherent development of the topic. Richter-Gebert presents algebraic, visual, and diagrammatic approaches to unify the subject, while his fresh writing style make for a very readable text. ... Additionally, the student and teacher will enjoy the quotations introducing each section. ... Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and faculty." (R. L. Pour, Choice, Vol. 49 (5), January, 2012) "The author describes his work as 'a guided tour through real and complex geometry', and these words explain perfectly the aim of the book. ... the prerequisites for reading the book are just the basics of linear algebra (in terms of coordinates), so that the book seems accessible to a wide audience ranging from mathematicians to computer scientists and physicists." (Hans Havlicek, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2012 e) "The author of this very well written and detailed book is an expert in projective geometry, especially in computational projective geometry ... . apart from students this book is accessible to mathematicians as well as computer scientists and physicists. The author presents the rich interplay of geometric structures and their algebraic counterparts ... ." (Rolf Riesinger, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1214, 2011) "There is much to admire in this book, which is clearly a labor of love on the part of the author ... . considerable care has been taken to make the book as accessible as possible ... but at the same time the book also contains discussion of a considerable amount of material that I have never before seen in any other text, thereby making it useful as a potential reference as well as teaching tool." (Mark Hunacek, The Mathematical Association of America, August, 2011)

ISBN 3-642-17285-7

ISBN 978-3-642-17285-4

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