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Eye, Alexander von (Herausgeber); Spiel, Christiane (Herausgeber)

Person-Oriented Research Methods (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Zeitschrift für Psychologie / Journal of Psychology 218/3

Hogrefe Publishing GmbH, September 2010

44 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 264x209x10 mm

ISBN: 0889373914 EAN: 9780889373914

The latest findings from person-oriented research. Research has shown that statements at the aggregate level rarely apply at the level of smaller numbers of cases or individuals. The first tenet of person-oriented research is therefore that structure and development of behavior are, at least in part, specific to the individual. While aggregate-level statements may be correct, they cover only that portion of the overall variability that is shared by the aggregate. Larger, and more important portions of variability may remain unexplained. This volume therefore: 1. Provides an overview of theoretical and methodological developments of person-oriented research. 2. Presents recent and new developments in the domain of statistical analysis of data from a person-oriented perspective. 3. Presents empirical sample cases in which methodological implications of the relationship between aggregate-level and person-oriented research are defined and illustrated.

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The Zeitschrift für Psychologie / Journal of Psychology, originally founded in 1890, is the oldest psychology periodical in Europe and the second oldest in the world. As of issue 1/2007, reflecting the change in the lingua franca of science from German to English, it is being published completely in English. The Zeitschrift für Psychologie / Journal of Psychology continues to publish high-quality research from all branches of empirical psychology that is clearly of international interest and relevance - but now does so in four topical issues per year. Each topical issue is carefully compiled by a Guest Editor, generally with one broad review paper being accompanied by original articles from leading researchers. The Guest Editor and the Editorial Team are assisted by an experienced international editorial board and external reviewers to ensure that the journal's strict peer-review process is in keeping with its long and honorable tradition of publishing only the best of psychological science. The subjects being covered are determined by the Editorial Team after consultation within the scientific community, thus ensuring topicality. The Zeitschrift für Psychologie / Journal of Psychology thus brings convenient, cutting-edge compilations of the best of modern psychological science, each covering an area of current interest.


Table of Contents 1. Conducting Person-oriented Research by Alexander von Eye, and Christiane Spiel 2. The person and the variable in developmental psychology by Lars R. Bergman and H?kan Andersson 3. How to perform idiographic and a combination of idiographic and nomothetic approaches: A Comparison of time-series analyses and hierarchical linear modeling by Michaela Schmidt, Franziska Perels, and Bernhard Schmitz 4. A Nomothetic Version of the Brunswikian Lens Model - A Variable- and Person-oriented Approach by Rüdiger Mutz and Ute Seeling 5. Stability and Constancy of Bully-Victim Behaviour - Looking at Variables and Individuals by Dagmar Strohmeier, Petra Wagner, Christiane Spiel, and Alexander von Eye

ISBN 0-889373-91-4, ISBN 0-88-937391-4, ISBN 0-88937-391-4, ISBN 0-889-37391-4, ISBN 0-8893-7391-4

ISBN 978-0-889373-91-4, ISBN 978-0-88-937391-4, ISBN 978-0-88937-391-4, ISBN 978-0-889-37391-4, ISBN 978-0-8893-7391-4

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