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Claypool, Mark (Herausgeber); Uhlig, Steve (Herausgeber)

Passive and Active Network Measurement 9th International Conference, PAM 2008, Cleveland, OH, USA, April 29-30, 2008, Proceedings (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4979

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, April 2008

2008. 2008 - 234 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Illustrations - 240x156x23 mm Book

ISBN: 3540792317 EAN: 9783540792314

The 2008 edition of the Passive and Active Measurement Conference was the ninth of a series of successful events. Since 2000, the Passive and Active M- surement (PAM) conference has provided a forum for presenting and discussing innovative and early work in the area of Internet measurement. PAM has a tradition of being a workshop-like conference with lively discussion and active participation from all attendees. This event focuses on research and practical applications of network measurement and analysis techniques. This year's c- ference was held in Cleveland, Ohio. PAM2008's call for papers attracted 71 submissions. Each paper was ca- fully reviewed by at least three members of the Technical Program Committee. The reviewing process led to the acceptance of 23 papers. The papers were - ranged into eight sessions covering the following areas: addressing and topology, applications,classi?cationandsampling,measurementsystems andframeworks, wireless 802.11, tools, characterization and trends, and malware and anomalies. We are very grateful to Endace, Intel and Cisco Systems whose sponsoring allowed us to keep low registration costs and also to o?er several travel grants to PhD students. We are also grateful to Case Western Reserve University for sponsoring PAM as a host.

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Addressing and Topology.- The Flattening Internet Topology: Natural Evolution, Unsightly Barnacles or Contrived Collapse?.- Assessing the Geographic Resolution of Exhaustive Tabulation for Geolocating Internet Hosts.- Observations of IPv6 Addresses.- Applications.- The New Web: Characterizing AJAX Traffic.- Measurement and Estimation of Network QoS Among Peer Xbox 360 Game Players.- Evaluation of VoIP Quality over WiBro.- Classification and Sampling.- Packet Sampling for Flow Accounting: Challenges and Limitations.- On the Validation of Traffic Classification Algorithms.- Evaluation of Header Field Entropy for Hash-Based Packet Selection.- Measurement Systems and Frameworks.- A Reactive Measurement Framework.- Towards a High Quality Path-Oriented Network Measurement and Storage System.- On Community-Oriented Internet Measurement.- Wireless 802.11.- On the Effectiveness of Switched Beam Antennas in Indoor Environments.- On the Fidelity of 802.11 Packet Traces.- Refocusing in 802.11 Wireless Measurement.- Tools.- Pathdiag: Automated TCP Diagnosis.- SCUBA: Focus and Context for Real-Time Mesh Network Health Diagnosis.- IMR-Pathload: Robust Available Bandwidth Estimation Under End-Host Interrupt Delay.- Characterization and Trends.- A Measurement Study of Internet Delay Asymmetry.- Trends and Differences in Connection-Behavior within Classes of Internet Backbone Traffic.- The Cubicle vs. The Coffee Shop: Behavioral Modes in Enterprise End-Users.- Malware and Anomalies.- A Two-Layered Anomaly Detection Technique Based on Multi-modal Flow Behavior Models.- Malware in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks.

ISBN 3-540-79231-7

ISBN 978-3-540-79231-4

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