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Ziessman, Harvey A.

Nuclear Medicine: Case Review Series (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Elsevier Mosby, November 2010

Sprache: Englisch - 277x218x23 mm

ISBN: 0323053084 EAN: 9780323053082

Suitable for residents and recertifying radiologists, this title presents 200 case studies - covering topics like PET/CT, SPECT/CT, and radiation safety. It also features images and questions which reinforce your understanding of nuclear medicine.

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"This will surely be an essential book for residents who are preparing for the board examinations in nuclear medicine and radiology. The easy reading style, along with the division of the book into three gradations of difficulty, makes it an interesting challgene for the practicing nuclear medicine physician... This book is very helpful both for beginning radiologists and for those who already interpret nuclear medicine images on a daily basis." - Radiology, review of previous edition "The cases are randomly organized into "Opening Round," "Fair Game," and "Challenge" sections, based on three different levels of difficulty. The randomly organized cases are presented as unknowns with three to four questions on the right-hand page, with the diagnosis, answers to the questions, additional commentary, and references on the flip side. Blank space is available for note taking. Over 400 state-of-the-art images effectively complement and support the text. This second edition contains over 40 new PET-CT and five new SPECT-CT cases. This would be a very good resource for residents to assess their knowledge base and prepare for board examinations. It is an efficient, easy-to-read, and cost-effective study tool embraced by a majority of residents in training." - Richard Tupler, MD(Ochsner Clinic Foundation), Excerpts from Doody's review service

ISBN 0-323053-08-4, ISBN 0-32-305308-4, ISBN 0-32305-308-4, ISBN 0-323-05308-4, ISBN 0-3230-5308-4

ISBN 978-0-323053-08-2, ISBN 978-0-32-305308-2, ISBN 978-0-32305-308-2, ISBN 978-0-323-05308-2, ISBN 978-0-3230-5308-2

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