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Worth, Michael J.

Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Sage Publications Ltd., April 2011

2nd Revised edition - 456 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 256x205x22 mm

ISBN: 1412994454 EAN: 9781412994453

The Second Edition of Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice is a comprehensive textbook covering the scope and structure of the nonprofit sector, leadership of nonprofits, managing the nonprofit organization, fundraising, earned income strategies, financial management, nonprofit lobbying and advocacy, managing international and global organizations, and social entrepreneurship. Written specifically for students, this text integrates research, theory, including more than is found in the more prescriptive, practitioner-oriented alternatives. Providing an overview suitable for students enrolled in their first course in the field, the book also includes cases and discussions of advanced issues for those with experience. Key Features - Includes a new chapter on Social Entrepreneurship, which examines the theories behind this concept as well as the successful practices of high-impact nonprofits around the world - Takes a balanced approach to varied perspectives and controversial issues and encompasses traditional concepts as well as new approaches and thinking - Integrates social sciences research, management theory, and practitioner literature - Includes mini-cases to enhance student understanding of the issues involved in real-world situations - Gives students direction on where to go in the literature to learn more through chapter-ending "Suggestions for Further Reading" - Includes "Questions for Discussion" at the end of each chapter to help students apply chapter content to actual nonprofit organizations

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PART I Understanding Nonprofit Management, the Nonprofit Sector, and Nonprofit Organizations 1 Nonprofit Management as a Profession and a Field of Study A Revolution in Management Nonprofit Management As a Field of Study Toward a Balanced Approach Proceeding With Realism and Pride Key Terms and Concepts From Chapter 1 Questions for Discussion Suggestion for Further Reading Related to Chapter 1 Books/Journals, Web Sites 2 Overview of the Nonprofit Sector America's Nonprofit Sector: A Historical Overview Searching for a Common Vocabulary Alternatives to "Nonprofit" Size of the U.S. Nonprofit Sector Differentiating the Nonprofit Sector Emerging New Models Implications for Nonprofit Managers 3 Theories of the Nonprofit Sector and Nonprofit Organizations Explaining the Nonprofit Sector Explaining Nonprofit Organizations Case 3.1: The Smithsonian Institution and the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Case 3.2: The National Trust for Historic Preservation PART II Governing and Leading Nonprofit Organizations 4 Nonprofit Governing Boards Types of Governing Boards The Board's Responsibilities The Board and the CEO Nonprofit Board Effectiveness The Challenge of Nonprofit Governance Case 4.1: The American University Case 4.2: Robin Hood Foundation Case 4.3: The Hershey Trust 5 Executive Leadership The CEO's Job Management and Leadership Overview of Leadership Theories The Effective Nonprofit CEO Founder Syndrome Executive Transitions Leading Change Case 5.1: A Change in Leadership at Habitat for Humanity Case 5.2: Crisis and Change at N Street Village PART III Managing the Nonprofit Organization 6 Ensuring Accountability and Measuring Performance Defining and Ensuring Accountability Mechanisms for Accountability Measuring Performance Performance Measurement: The Continuing Debate Case 6.1: The Nature Conservancy Case 6.2: Youth Villages 7 Strategic Planning and Strategic Management Understanding Strategy Strategic Planning and Strategic Management The Strategic Planning Process Defining Strategic Issues and Developing Strategies The Strategic Planning Debate Case 7.1: New Hope Housing Strategic Plan 8 Capacity and Collaboration The Capacity Building Movement Defining and Understanding Capacity Capacity Building in Action A Model for Capacity Building Capacity and Organizational Life Cycles Capacity-Building Evaluated Nonprofit Collaborations and Mergers A Continuum of Relationships Drivers of Collaboration and Mergers Exploring Collaborations and Mergers Obstacles to Collaboration Conditions for Success Collaborations and Mergers Within National Nonprofits Case 8.1: Change at the Girl Scouts of America 9 Managing Paid Staff and Service Volunteers An Overview of Management Theories Understanding Human Motivations Applying Theories to the Nonprofit Workforce Managing Volunteers Volunteer Management as a Career Field Case 9.1: Getta Grant Case 9.2: Rita Writer Case 9.3: Bob the Builder 10 Marketing and Communications Defining and Understanding Marketing Marketing Serves the Mission Marketing Means Action Marketing as a Process Marketing to Change Behavior The Marketing Mix Building the Brand Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Evaluating Marketing and Communication Case 10.1: AARP Case 10.2: Randolph College PART IV Obtaining and Managing Resources 11 Philanthropic Fundraising Definitions and Distinctions Motivations for Giving The Fundraising Process Individual Donor Life Cycles Campaigns Managing Fundraising Programs Ethics and Professional Standards Fundraising Ethical Cases (Cases 1 - 8) 12 Earned Income Strategies Why Earned Income? Partnerships With Business Putting Partnerships Together Nonprofit Business Ventures Identifying Business Opportunities Feasibility Analysis and Business Planning Earned Income Strategies Issues and Decisions Case 12.1: Minnesota Public Radio 13 Financial Management Definition of Key Concepts Overview of Nonprofit and Personal Finances Nonprofit Financial Statements Using Financial Ratios Managing Endowment Funds Developing and Managing the Budget Financial Policies and Controls PART V Special Topics 14 Advocacy and Lobbying Basic Distinctions Overview of Lobbying Law Implementing an Advocacy Program The Future of Nonprofit Advocacy Case 14.1: Mothers Against Drunk Driving 15 Governing and Managing International and Global Organizations Definitions and Scope of International Organizations International Philanthropy and Fundraising International Nonprofit Governance and Management Case 15.1: Doctors Without Borders 16 Social Entrepreneurship Defining and Understanding Social Entrepreneurship Theories of Social Entrepreneurship High-Impact Nonprofits Social Entrepreneurship Around the World Future of Social Entrepreneurship Case 16.1: KaBOOM!

Über den Autor

Michael J. Worth is professor of Nonprofit Management in the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. He teaches graduate courses related to the governance and management of nonprofit institutions and organizations and philanthropic fundraising. Dr. Worth served as vice president for Development and Alumni Affairs at The George Washington University for eighteen years, where he planned and directed two major campaigns and provided support to the Board of Trustees for board development programs. In addition, Dr. Worth has served as director of Development at the University of Maryland College Park, as a member of the Commission on Philanthropy of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), and as editor of the CASE International Journal of Educational Advancement, a peer-reviewed scholarly journal focused on the practice of institutional advancement in educational institutions.


"As a practitioner/instructor, I find your book enormously helpful and the feedback I am receiving from students is very positive. While each chapter is packed with information, I am particularly grateful for the journal articles and case studies that are linked to the chapters. In addition to the course content, I organized the course around a particular issue, domestic violence in Baldwin County, GA. I've had three people speak to DV and another six who match up with the chapter themes - an executive director, evaluator/assessment person, donor relations, community foundation CEO, grant writer, etc. visit the class each week. I simply want to thank you for Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practices." -- Gregg Kaufman

ISBN 1-412994-45-4, ISBN 1-41-299445-4, ISBN 1-41299-445-4, ISBN 1-412-99445-4, ISBN 1-4129-9445-4

ISBN 978-1-412994-45-3, ISBN 978-1-41-299445-3, ISBN 978-1-41299-445-3, ISBN 978-1-412-99445-3, ISBN 978-1-4129-9445-3

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