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Ding, Chen (Herausgeber); Shao, Zhiyuan (Herausgeber); Zheng, Ran (Herausgeber)

Network and Parallel Computing IFIP International Conference, NPC 2010, Zhengzhou, China, September 13-15, 2010, Proceedings (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6289

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, Oktober 2010

492 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 241x155x28 mm

ISBN: 3642156711 EAN: 9783642156717

The IFIP International Conference on Network and Parallel Computing is an international conference, aimed at providing an exciting platform and forum for researchers and developers from academia and industry to present their latest research in the ?eld of parallel computing systems and applications. This year NPC received 89 submissions from authors in 11 countries. The papers were reviewed by a 51-member Program Committee, with 26 members from USA, 9 from mainland China, and the rest from Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan,Korea,Japan,UK,andFrance.Eachpaperreceivedthreetosixreviews. Basedona totalof 287reviews,the ProgramCo-chairsaccepted papersinto two categories: Select papers: 23 papers passed the most stringent selection. Each paper is up to 15 pages in the conference proceedings. The acceptance rate for select papers is 25.8%. Regular papers: 11 additional papers are of su?cient publishable quality. Each paperisupto10pages. For the main conference, we invited three distinguished speakers: - XiaodongZhang(OhioStateUniversity,USA):BuildingaDomain-Knowledge Guided System Software Environment to Achieve High Performance of MulticoreProcessors - HuaiminWang(NationalUniversityofDefenseTechnology,China):Internet- Based Virtual Computing Environment - Jesse Fang (Intel Labs, China) One workshop was held in conjunction with the NPC 2010 conference: the International Workshop on Network on Chip (IWNoC 2010). The workshop was chairedbyHuaxiGuandJiangXu.Theproceedingsoftheworkshopareincluded in this volume.

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Up to date results Fast conference proceedings State-of-the-art report


Keynote Speech.- Building a Domain-Knowledge Guided System Software Environment to Achieve High-Performance of Multi-core Processors.- Internet-Based Virtual Computing Environment.- Session 1: Parallelization and Optimization.- Vectorization for Java.- Just-in-Time Compiler Assisted Object Reclamation and Space Reuse.- Optimization of Triangular Matrix Functions in BLAS Library on Loongson2F.- Exposing Tunable Parameters in Multi-threaded Numerical Code.- LU Decomposition on Cell Broadband Engine: An Empirical Study to Exploit Heterogeneous Chip Multiprocessors.- FDTM: Block Level Data Migration Policy in Tiered Storage System.- Session 2: Parallel Algorithms.- Scale-Adaptable Recrawl Strategies for DHT-Based Distributed Web Crawling System.- Power Efficient Scheduling for Hard Real-Time Systems on a Multiprocessor Platform.- Storage Device Performance Prediction with Selective Bagging Classification and Regression Tree.- Embedding Algorithms for Bubble-Sort, Macro-star, and Transposition Graphs.- An Efficient Simulation Algorithm for Cache of Random Replacement Policy.- DABGPM: A Double Auction Bayesian Game-Based Pricing Model in Cloud Market.- Session 3: Network.- NPA-BT: A Network Performance Aware BitTorrent Traffic Optimization Mechanism.- User Behavior Pattern Analysis and Prediction Based on Mobile Phone Sensors.- ServiceStore: A Peer-to-Peer Framework for QoS-Aware Service Composition.- Identifying Nearest Neighbor Nodes and Connectivity in Three-Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks Using Poisson Point Field.- A Novel Trust Evaluation Model for Mobile P2P Networks.- Session 4: Parallelization and Optimization (Cluster).- Evaluating and Optimizing I/O Virtualization in Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM).- Distributed Stream Processing with DUP.- CCIndex: A Complemental Clustering Index on Distributed Ordered Tables for Multi-dimensional Range Queries.- Online Event Correlations Analysis in System Logs of Large-Scale Cluster Systems.- Differentiated Replication Strategy in Data Centers.- Efficient Pipelining Parallel Methods for Image Compositing in Sort-Last Rendering.- Session 5: GPU and Multicore.- memCUDA: Map Device Memory to Host Memory on GPGPU Platform.- Adaptive Line Size Cache for Irregular References on Cell Multicore Processor.- Software-Hardware Cooperative DRAM Bank Partitioning for Chip Multiprocessors.- Energy-Efficient Scheduling of Real-Time Periodic Tasks in Multicore Systems.- The Core Degree Based Tag Reduction on Chip Multiprocessor to Balance Energy Saving and Performance Overhead.- Session 6: Cloud and Grid Infrastructure.- Improve Throughput of Storage Cluster Interconnected with a TCP/IP Network Using Intelligent Server Grouping.- Evaluate the Performance and Scalability of Image Deployment in Virtual Data Center.- A Resource Discovery Algorithm in Mobile Grid Computing Based on IP-Paging Scheme.- JAMILA: A Usable Batch Job Management System to Coordinate Heterogeneous Clusters and Diverse Applications over Grid or Cloud Infrastructure.- User-Centric Privacy Preservation in Data-Sharing Applications.- Software Metrics Reduction for Fault-Proneness Prediction of Software Modules.- Session 7: Network on Chip.- A Methodology for Design of Unbuffered Router Microarchitecture for S-Mesh NoC.- A Worst Case Performance Model for TDM Virtual Circuit in NoCs.- Convex-Based DOR Routing for Virtualization of NoC.- MPSoC Architecture-Aware Automatic NoC Topology Design.- ERA: An Efficient Routing Algorithm for Power, Throughput and Latency in Network-on-Chips.

ISBN 3-642-15671-1

ISBN 978-3-642-15671-7

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