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Shive, Ian (Fotograph)

National Parks: Our American Landscape (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)


228 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 278x198x23 mm

ISBN: 1608870219 EAN: 9781608870219

"The National Parks: Our American Landscape" is the second book from rising nature photographer Ian Shive who has been making a name for himself in publications such as "Time," "National Geographic," and "National Parks" magazine. Shive brings a fresh perspective to some of the most beautiful and storied scenic spots in the United States. The cascades of Yosemite, the geysers of Yellowstone, the jagged walls of the Grand Canyon, and hundreds of others come to life behind Shive's lens--ready to be studied from a different angle. Now updated with 36 additional pages of photographs and a travel-friendly size, it's the perfect gift for lovers of the outdoors. America's national parks and historical sites embody the American spirit. They are windows to our past, homes to some of our rarest plants and animal species, and places where every American can go to find inspiration, peace, and open space. From the iron rails of Steamtown, Pennsylvania to the wilds of Yellowstone, America's natural parks preserve our culture in as much as they shield our natural world from our own encroachment. An expanded paperback edition, "The National Parks: Our American Landscape" presents a wonderfully updated photographic survey of one of America's greatest national treasures. Seen through the eyes of the National Parks Conservation Association's photographer Ian Shive, America's National Park System come to life through a collection of more than 200 new photographs. Shive's stunning work demonstrates the diversity and awe inspiring beauty of the American wild lands covering the major United States parks from the warm waters of Biscayne, Florida to icy summit of Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska.

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ISBN 1-608870-21-9, ISBN 1-60-887021-9, ISBN 1-60887-021-9, ISBN 1-608-87021-9, ISBN 1-6088-7021-9

ISBN 978-1-608870-21-9, ISBN 978-1-60-887021-9, ISBN 978-1-60887-021-9, ISBN 978-1-608-87021-9, ISBN 978-1-6088-7021-9

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