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Friday, Nancy

My Secret Garden Women's Sexual Fantasies (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Quartet Books, Januar 1998

New ed - 316 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 198x130x30 mm

ISBN: 0704332949 EAN: 9780704332942

Dr. Martin Shepard, the psychiatrist, contributes an "afterword" in which he directs the reader's hitherto rapt attention to calmer channels, stressing both the therapeutic and ego-bolstering value of this collection of female fantasies. It will not only help women accept their daydreams, he says, but if the reader turns on, "well and good. . . . What is wrong with healthy erotic responses?" But "J" of The Sensuous Woman gets the foreword, confiding that the first man she gave this book to "was so turned on. . . that he went into a lovemaking marathon," though many men are shocked by their role as fantasy sex objects! With commentary by the author throughout, these are polished performances of the id about to recharge the battery - by Madge, Dot, Linda, et al., soaring through all possible varieties of postures, partners, costumes, and scenarios. The confessions are grouped loosely by activity, states of mind, taboos, etc. Now that the garden gate has swung wide, sexologists will doubtless troop in to classify, but for most this will be simply an invitation to gather rosebuds while one may. (Kirkus Reviews)

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ISBN 0-704332-94-9, ISBN 0-70-433294-9, ISBN 0-70433-294-9, ISBN 0-704-33294-9, ISBN 0-7043-3294-9

ISBN 978-0-704332-94-2, ISBN 978-0-70-433294-2, ISBN 978-0-70433-294-2, ISBN 978-0-704-33294-2, ISBN 978-0-7043-3294-2

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