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Magnani, Lorenzo (Herausgeber); Carnielli, Walter (Herausgeber); Pizzi, Claudio (Herausgeber)

Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology Abduction, Logic, and Computational Discovery (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Reihe: Studies in Computational Intelligence 314

Springer-Verlag GmbH, September 2010

654 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 241x164x48 mm

ISBN: 3642152228 EAN: 9783642152221

This volume is a collection of selected papers that were presented at the international conference Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology. Abduction, Logic, and Computational Discovery (MBR09 BRAZIL), held at the University of Campinas, Campinas, Brazil in December 2009. A previous volume,Model-Based Reasoning in Scienti?c Discovery,edited by L. Magnani, N.J. Nersessian, and P. Thagard (Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York, 1999; Chinese edition, China Science and Techn- ogy Press, Beijing, 2000), was based on the papers presented at the ?rst "model-based reasoning"international conference, held at the University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy in December 1998. Other two volumes were based on the papers presented at the second "model-based reasoning" international c- ference, held at the same place in May 2001: Model-Based Reasoning. Sci- ti?c Discovery, Technological Innovation, Values, edited by L. Magnani and N.J. Nersessian(Kluwer Academic/PlenumPublishers,New York, 2002)and Logical and Computational Aspects of Model-Based Reasoning,editedbyL. Magnani,N.J. Nersessian,and C. Pizzi(KluwerAcademic, Dordrecht,2002). Another volume Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Engineering,edited byL.Magnani(CollegePublications,London,2006),wasbasedonthepapers presentedat the third"model-basedreasoning"internationalconference,held at the same place in December 2004. Finally, volume Model-Based Reasoning inScienceandMedicine,editedbyL.MagnaniandL.Ping(Springer,Heid- berg/Berlin 2006), was based on the papers presented at the fourth"mod- based"reasoning conference, held at Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, P. R. China.

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Deals with the logical, epistemological, and cognitive aspects of modeling practices employed in science and technology Written by leading experts in this field State-of-the-Art book


Abduction, Problem Solving, and Practical Reasoning.- Virtuous Distortion.- Naturalizing Peirce's Semiotics: Ecological Psychology's Solution to the Problem of Creative Abduction.- Smart Abducers as Violent Abducers.- Different Cognitive Styles in the Academy-Industry Collaboration.- Abduction, Induction, and Analogy.- Belief Revision vs. Conceptual Change in Mathematics.- Affordances as Abductive Anchors.- A Model-Based Reasoning Approach to Prevent Crime.- Abducing the Crisis.- Pathophysiology of Cancer and the Entropy Concept.- A Pattern Language for Roberto Burle Marx Landscape Design.- A Visual Model of Peirce's 66 Classes of Signs Unravels His Late Proposal of Enlarging Semiotic Theory.- The Role of Agency Detection in the Invention of Supernatural Beings.- Formal and Computational Aspects of Model Based Reasoning.- Does Logic Count?.- Causal Abduction and Alternative Assessment: A Logical Problem in Penal Law.- On a Theoretical Analysis of Deceiving: How to Resist a Bullshit Attack.- Using Analogical Representations for Mathematical Concept Formation.- Good Experimental Methodologies and Simulation in Autonomous Mobile Robotics.- The Logical Process of Model-Based Reasoning.- Constructive Research and Info-computational Knowledge Generation.- Emergent Semiotics in Genetic Programming and the Self-Adaptive Semantic Crossover.- An Episodic Memory Implementation for a Virtual Creature.- Abduction and Meaning in Evolutionary Soundscapes.- Consequences of a Diagrammatic Representation of Paul Cohen's Forcing Technique Based on C.S. Peirce's Existential Graphs.- Models, Mental Models, Representations.- How Brains Make Mental Models.- Applications of an Implementation Story for Non-sentential Models.- Does Everyone Think, or Is It Just Me?.- Morality According to a Cognitive Interpretation: A Semantic Model for Moral Behavior.- The Symbolic Model for Algebra: Functions and Mechanisms.- The Theoretician's Gambits: Scientific Representations, Their Formats and Content.- Modeling the Epistemological Multipolarity of Semiotic Objects.- Imagination in Thought Experimentation: Sketching a Cognitive Approach to Thought Experiments.- Representations of Contemporaneous Events of a Story for Novice Readers.- Understanding and Augmenting Human Morality: An Introduction to the ACTWith Model of Conscience.- Analog Modeling of Human Cognitive Functions with Tripartite Synapses.- The Leyden Jar in Luigi Galvani's thought: A Case of Analogical Visual Modeling.- Modeling the Causal Structure of the History of Science.

ISBN 3-642-15222-8

ISBN 978-3-642-15222-1

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