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Chatzimisios, Periklis (Herausgeber); Verikoukis, Christos (Herausgeber); Santamaria, Ignacio (Herausgeber); Laddomada, Massimiliano (Herausgeber); Hoffmann, Oliver (Herausgeber)

Mobile Lightweight Wireless Systems Second International ICST Conference, Mobilight 2010, May 10-12, 2010, Barcelona, Spain, Revised Selected Papers (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering 45

Springer-Verlag GmbH, Springer Berlin, November 2010

783 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 237x160x30 mm Book

ISBN: 3642166431 EAN: 9783642166433

Following the success of the First MOBILIGHT 2009 in Athens, Greece, the Second International Conference on Mobile Lightweight Systems (MOBILIGHT) was held in Barcelona, Spain on May 10-12, 2010. It was not an easy decision to carry on organizing a scientific event on wireless communications, where competition is really enormous. This decision was motivated by discussion with many colleagues about the current unprecedented demand for lig- weight, wireless communication devices with high usability and performance able to support added-value services in a highly mobile environment. Such devices follow the users everywhere they go (at work, at home, while travelling, in a classroom, etc. ) and result in exciting research, development and business opportunities. Such scenarios clearly demand significant upgrades to the existing communication paradigm in terms of infrastructure, devices and services to support the "anytime, anywhere, any device" philosophy, providing novel and fast-evolving requirements and expectations on - search and development in the field of information and communication technologies. The core issue is to support wireless users' desire for 24/7 network availability and transparent access to "their own" services. In this context, we continue to envision an international forum where practitioners and researchers coming from the many areas involved in lightweight wireless systems' design and deployment would be able to interact and exchange experiences.

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MobiLight 2010 - Special Session on "Mobility Concepts and IMT-Advanced (MOBILIA)".- Performance of MC-DS-CDMA System in Rayleigh Fading Channel with Non-coherent Combining Schemes and MAI Interference.- Spectral Efficiency Using Combinations of Transmit Antenna Selection with Linear Dispersion Code Selection.- A Reconfigurable Power Amplifier for Mobile WIMAX Applications.- An Access Selection Prototype Based on IEEE 802.21.- Multi-hop Extensions to Heterogeneous Access Network Selection.- Experimental System Level Platform for B3G Scenarios.- MobiLight 2010 - Special Session on "QoS Provision in Wireless Networks (QPWN)".- TCP-Aware Forward Error Correction for Wireless Networks.- Delay Performance Analysis of a Two-Stage Cross-Layer Scheduler for Wireless LANs.- Access Network Selection in a Heterogeneous Environment Using the AHP and Fuzzy TOPSIS Methods.- Adaptive Message Ferry Route (aMFR) for Partitioned MANETs.- Lightweight Mechanisms for Self-configuring Protocols.- Analysis of the Energy Consumption of JavaScript Based Mobile Web Applications.- MobiLight 2010 - Special Session on "Advanced Radio Access Techniques for Energy-Efficient Communications (MIMAX)".- Equal Gain MIMO Beamforming in the RF Domain for OFDM-WLAN Systems.- A Framework for the Design Space Exploration of Software-Defined Radio Applications.- On the Maximum Efficiency of Power Amplifiers in OFDM Broadcast Systems with Envelope Following.- Equal-Phase Beamforming Architecture for RF-MIMO Antenna Systems.- Optimal Channel and Power Allocation for Secondary Users in Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks.- MobiLight 2010 - Special Session on "Security and Resilience in the Future Internet (SECURE)".- "User Authentication Method and Implementation Using a Three-Axis Accelerometer".- A Correlation Approach to Intrusion Detection.- A Dynamic Key Agreement Mechanism for Mission Critical Mobile Ad Hoc Networking.- Stealthy Compromise of Wireless Sensor Nodes with Power Analysis Attacks.- Sensor Networks - Critical Infrastructure for Society? Challenges for Resilience, Security and Interoperability.- Wide-Weak Privacy-Preserving RFID Authentication Protocols.- A Preliminary Study of a Wireless Process Control Network Using Emulation Testbeds.- MobiLight 2010 - Special Session on "Self-Management in Future Internet Wireless Networks (SELFNET)".- CogProt: A Framework for Cognitive Configuration and Optimization of Communication Protocols.- Topology Control in Self-managed Wireless Networks.- Autonomicity and Self-manageability Techniques in the Scope of the Future Internet's Evolution.- Design and Development of Essential Use-Cases for Self-management in Future Internet Wireless Networks.- Towards Dynamic Protocol Configuration and its Configuration and Control in Autonomous Communication Environments.- MobiLight 2010 - Special Session on "Distributed Wireless Networking Experimental Infrastructure for Optimization and Convergence (ICARUS)".- Dynamic Call Admission Control for Enhanced GoS of UGS Connections during "Busy Hour" in WiMAX.- Mutual Information Effective SNR Mapping Algorithm for Fast Link Adaptation Model in 802.16e.- Virtual Distributed Simulation Platform for the Study and Optimization of Future Beyond 3G Heterogeneous Systems.- A Dual Head Clustering Mechanism for Energy Efficient WSNs.- Measuring the Closed-Loop Throughput of 2x2 HSDPA over TX Power and TX Antenna Spacing.- MobiLight 2010 - Special Session on "Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: Where We Stand and Where We Are Heading To (CIIP)".- Towards Benchmarking of P2P Technologies from a SCADA Systems Protection Perspective.- Improving Wireless Sensor Network Resilience with the INTERSECTION Framework.- Trust Management in Monitoring Financial Critical Information Infrastructures.- Using MPLS in a Wireless Mesh Network to Improve the Resiliency of SCADA Systems.- Fusion of Bayesian and Ontology Approach Applied to Decision Support System for Critical Infrastructures Protection.- MobiLight 2010 - Special Session on "Advanced Wireless Technologies for a Converged Ultra-Broadband Home Network (OMEGA)".- OMEGA: New Use Cases for Future Home Networks.- Adaptive Filter Bank Modulation for Next Generation Wireless In-Home Networks.- Challenges in Gbps Wireless Optical Transmission.- An Efficient Power Control Algorithm for Supporting Cognitive Communications in Shared Spectrum Areas.- MobiLight 2010 - Special Sessions on "Advances on Indoor Positioning and Multiuser Scheduling (NEWCOM++)" and "Relay-Based Next Generation Wireless Broadband Networks and Associated Components (REWIND)".- TOA Estimation in UWB: Comparison between Time and Frequency Domain Processing.- Trade-off between Feedback Load for the Channel State Information and System Performance in MIMO Communications.- Evolution of Spatial and Multicarrier Scheduling: Towards Multi-cell Scenario.- Multi-hop Relay in Next Generation Wireless Broadband Access Networks: An Overview.- EUMOBILE 2010 - 1st European Symposium on "Mobility Management".- An Experimental MIH Platform for Testing Video Streaming Services across Heterogeneous Radio Access Technology Networks.- A Lightweight Macro-mobility Framework.- Enhanced Localization in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks through Cooperation.- Increasing the VoIP Capacity through MAP Overhead Reduction in the IEEE 802.16 OFDMa Systems.- Multi-radio Cooperative ARQ in Wireless Cellular Networks: A MAC Layer Perspective.- PHYLOM 2010 - Workshop on "Advanced PhYsical Layer Optimization Methods for Energy-Efficient Wireless Systems".- Joint Turbo Coding and Source-Controlled Modulation of Cycle-Stationary Sources in the Bandwidth-Limited Regime.- Harmony Search Heuristics for Quasi-asynchronous CDMA Detection with M-PAM Signalling.- Cross-Layer Clustering Optimization in Mobile Networks Using Evolutionary Algorithms.- A Case Study of Parameter Control in a Genetic Algorithm: Computer Network Performance.- On the Application of a Novel Grouping Harmony Search Algorithm to the Switch Location Problem.- Adaptive Weighted Round Robin (AWRR) Scheduling for Optimization of the Wireless Medium Virtualisation.- Robust Wireless Network Coding - An Overview.- UAS 2010 - Workshop on "User Adaptive Systems for Mobile Wireless Systems".- Localization in Real GSM Network with Fingerprinting Utilization.- Customized Contents Service Over a DVB-SH/3G Network.- Measurement and Visualization of ECG on Mobile Monitoring Stations of Biotelemetric User Adaptive System.- Complex Mobile User Adaptive System Framework for Mobile Wireless Devices.- The Indoor Orientation of Autonomous Mobile Devices for Increasing Human Perspective.- Architecture and Design of Mobile Telemetry System for Ambient Assisted Living.

ISBN 3-642-16643-1

ISBN 978-3-642-16643-3

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