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Schwartz, Steve

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Visual QuickStart (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Pearson Education (US), Februar 2011

544 S. - Sprache: Englisch - Illustrations - 229x179x32 mm

ISBN: 0321751264 EAN: 9780321751263

Microsoft Office 2011 for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, written by best-selling author Steve Schwartz, has been extensively rewritten to provide expanded coverage of the core Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, provides in-depth instructions on many of the new features and changes introduced in Office 2011, and offers a thorough introduction to the Office Web Apps. Coverage of each application is jam-packed with information and tips that not only explain HOW to perform a task, but WHY you need this procedure and WHEN it's best to use it.

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PART I: GETTING STARTED Chapter 1: Introducing Office 2011 Chapter 2: Office Basics Chapter 3: Working with Graphics PART II: MICROSOFT WORD Chapter 4: Introducing Word 2011 Chapter 5: Document Formatting Chapter 6: Text Formatting Chapter 7: Creating Tables Chapter 8: Working in Other Views Chapter 9: Other Word Features PART III: MICROSOFT EXCEL Chapter 10: Spreadsheet Essentials Chapter 11: Modifying Worksheets Chapter 12: Formulas and Functions Chapter 13: Working with Tables Chapter 14: Charts and Graphs Chapter 15: Database Techniques Chapter 16: Sharing Workbooks PART IV: MICROSOFT POWERPOINT Chapter 17: Creating a Presentation Chapter 18: Charts and Tables Chapter 19: Wrapping up a Presentation PART V: MICROSOFT OUTLOOK Chapter 20: Introducing Outlook Chapter 21: Email Chapter 22: Contacts Chapter 23: Calendar Chapter 24: Tasks Chapter 25: Notes Chapter 26: My Day Part VI: ADVANCED TOPICS Chapter 27: Combining Office Data Chapter 28: Office 2011 and the Internet Chapter 29: The Office Web Apps Index

Über den Autor

Steve Schwartz is uniquely qualified and readers benefit from his 30 years of experience as technical support director, magazine editor, and writer. Steve has written almost 60 books, many on Office and other Microsoft products, and has been using Office since the first version. Although this book is geared toward the beginning through intermediate user, Steve won't waste your time with pages of stories and analogies before actually discussing the topic at hand. Each page is clearly focused on the needs of the reader. In fact, Steve's guiding principal in creating this and his many other Visual QuickStart Guides is The Three C's. The material must be clear, concise, and correct.

ISBN 0-321751-26-4, ISBN 0-32-175126-4, ISBN 0-32175-126-4, ISBN 0-321-75126-4, ISBN 0-3217-5126-4

ISBN 978-0-321751-26-3, ISBN 978-0-32-175126-3, ISBN 978-0-32175-126-3, ISBN 978-0-321-75126-3, ISBN 978-0-3217-5126-3

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