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Wright, H. G.

Means, Ends and Medical Care (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Springer Netherlands, Springer Netherland, November 2010

Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2007 - 192 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 235x156x11 mm Previously published in hardcover

ISBN: 9048173329 EAN: 9789048173327

In this remarkable book, Gary Wright focuses thirty years' experience as a family physician, and his Ph.D. in philosophy, to address the nature of good medical reasoning. Wright folds cognitive science into a pragmatist framework developed by John Dewey; this alternative view of mind and medical judgment leads to a model of reasoning that offers realistic guidance for medical decisions, one that each of us would want our own physicians to adopt.

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Goes deeper than the usual medical ethics text in elaborating the basis of value in medical endeavors Refutes claims that professional judgement can be industrialized or computerized Proposes a Deweyan model that reinforces informal means/ends reasoning instead of trying to replace it with economic rationality Concludes with positive recommendations for reform in medical education and care that strengthen caregiver-patient relationships and would help renew the art of medicine


Overview: Broad Considerations in the Relation of Means and Ends, Treating and Healing. 1. Cognitive Semantic Structures in Informal Means/Ends Reasoning. a. Formal as Opposed to Informal Approaches to Decision Making. b. Imaginative Structures Used in Informal Clinical Reasoning. c. The Embodied Basis of Valuation. d. Conclusion. 2. Health and Disease: Fluid Concepts Evolved Non-Literally. a. An Overview. b. Why and (Provisionally) How Disease Is a Radial Category. c. Central Members of the Disease Category. d. Non-Central Members of the Disease Category. e. Conclusion. 3. John Dewey's Perspective on Means and Ends: the Setting which makes Informal Deliberation Necessary. a. Naturalism. b. Antifoundationalism. c. Qualities Unquantifiable. d. Qualities Fully Real. e. Values Interactional, Not Rigidly Compartmental. f. Broad View of Rationality. g. The Importance of Context. h. Conclusion.4. John Dewey's View of Situations, Problems, Means and Ends. a. Situations. b. Tertiary Qualities. c. Settled and Unsettled Situations. d. Means and Ends. e. The Strengths of Dewey's Theory, In Summary. f. Problems of Dewey's Means and Ends Theory. 5. Preference, Utility and Value in Means and Ends Reasoning. a. Introduction. b. General Assumptions of Expected Utility Theory. c. The Axioms of Expected Utility Theory. d. Utility Is Not Fulfillment. Fulfillment Is Not Utility. e. Utility and the Past. f. Reasoning about Ends. g. Conclusion. 6. Full Spectrum Means and Ends Reasoning: its Place in Medicine. First Part: Informal Judgment and the Art of Medicine. a. Judgments. About the Setting. b. Defining the Problematic Situation. c. Judgments about the Problem.d. Judgments about Ends and Values. e. Judgments about Treatment. Second Part: Providing for the Art of Medicine. a. Medical Education and Health Care Education in General. b. The Course of Medical Care. c. The Integrity of the Health Care Profession. Third Part: General Conclusion.


From the reviews "This is one of the best books I have read that addresses Dewey's method of intelligence in the context of practical, including clinical, decision-making. I loved it." (Prof. Griffin Trotter, Center for Health Care Ethics, Saint Louis University, USA) "Gary Wright in his recent book, Means, Ends and Medical Care, second-generation cognitive science has shown that both medical ethics and clinical judgment find personal narrative and metaphorical thinking more helpful than abstract moral rules or prescribed medical protocols. Wright's book will be particularly useful to physicians, health care administrators, and medical school educators ... . The principal thrust of Wright's book on Means, Ends, and Medical Care is in fact to support physicians ...and other governing bodies." (J. D. Rabb and J. M. Richardson, Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, Vol. 29, 2008)

ISBN 9-048173-32-9, ISBN 9-04-817332-9, ISBN 9-04817-332-9, ISBN 9-048-17332-9, ISBN 9-0481-7332-9

ISBN 978-9-048173-32-7, ISBN 978-9-04-817332-7, ISBN 978-9-04817-332-7, ISBN 978-9-048-17332-7, ISBN 978-9-0481-7332-7

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