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Owen, Sean; Anil, Robin; Dunning, Ted

Mahout in Action (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

MANNING PUBN, Oktober 2011

387 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 235x189x24 mm

ISBN: 1935182684 EAN: 9781935182689

HIGHLIGHTThe first and only book on Apache Mahout, an open source tool forleveraging machine learning techniques in large-scale applications. DESCRIPTIONTo benefit from prior experience in the use of a website, machinelearning techniques are increasingly used. The Apache Mahout projectis focused on three types of machine learning that are of particularinterest to modern web developers-recommendation systems,classification, and clustering.Through real-world examples, Mahout in Action introduces the sorts ofproblems that these techniques are appropriate for, and then illustrateshow Mahout can be applied to solve them. It places particular focus onissues of scalability, and how to apply these techniques at very largescale with the Apache Hadoop framework. KEY POINTSThis book assumes familiarity with Java, and some basic grounding inmachine learning techniques.F. First and only book devoted to Apache MahoutF. Practical insights from industry practitionersF. Real-world examplesF. Discussion of large-scale implemetation with Hadoop

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Über den Autor

Sean Owen has been a practicing software engineer for 9 years, most recently at Google, where he helped build and launch Mobile Web search. He joined Apache's Mahout machine learning project in 2008 as a primary committer and works as a Mahout consultant. Robin Anil is a committer at Mahout and works as a full-time Software Engineer at Google.

ISBN 1-935182-68-4, ISBN 1-93-518268-4, ISBN 1-93518-268-4, ISBN 1-935-18268-4, ISBN 1-9351-8268-4

ISBN 978-1-935182-68-9, ISBN 978-1-93-518268-9, ISBN 978-1-93518-268-9, ISBN 978-1-935-18268-9, ISBN 978-1-9351-8268-9

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