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Chen, Gang

Leed Ga Exam Guide: A Must-Have for the Leed Green Associate Exam: Comprehensive Study Materials, Sample Questions, Mock Exam, Green Build (Kartoniert / Broschiert / Paperback)

Reihe: Leed Exam Guides

ARCHITEG INC, Januar 2011

Large Format - 212 S. - Sprache: Englisch - 282x217x15 mm

ISBN: 0984374132 EAN: 9780984374137

Pass the LEED Green Associate Exam, Get Your Building LEED Certified, Fight Global Warming and Save Money! LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is one of the most important trends of development and is revolutionizing the construction industry. It has gained tremendous momentum and has a profound impact on our environment. From this book, you will learn how to: 1. Pass the LEED Green Associate Exam. 2. Use LEED exam preparation strategies, study methods, tips, suggestions, mnemonics, and exam tactics to improve your exam performance. 3. Effectively understand, digest, and retain your LEED knowledge. 4. Understand the process of registering and certifying a building for LEED. 5. Understand the scope, main intent, core concepts and strategies, as well as identify the regulations, recognition, and incentives for each major LEED category. 6. Identify the strategies for case studies. 7. Identify the synergy in case studies. 8. Implement the most important LEED related codes and building standards. 9. Get points for categories not yet clearly defined by the USGBC. There is NO official GBCI book on the LEED Green Associate Exam. This pocket guide fills in the blanks and demystifies LEED. It uncovers the secrets, codes, and jargon for LEED as well as the true meaning of "going green." It provides a solid foundation and fundamental framework for LEED. It covers every major aspect of LEED in plain and concise language, and introduces it to ordinary people. This guide is small and easy to carry around. You can read it whenever you have a few extra minutes. It is an indispensable book for ordinary people, developers, brokers, contractors, administrators, architects, landscape architects, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers, interns, drafters, designers and other design professionals. What others are saying about "LEED GA Exam Guide"... "Finally! A comprehensive study tool for LEED GA Prep! "I took the 1-day Green LEED GA course and walked away with a power point binder printed in very small print-which was missing MUCH of the required information (although I didn't know it at the time). I studied my little heart out and took the test, only to fail it by 1 point. Turns out I did NOT study all the material I needed to in order to pass the test. I found this book, read it, marked it up, retook the test, and passed it with a 95%. Look, we all know the LEED GA exam is new and the resources for study are VERY limited. This one's the VERY best out there right now. I highly recommend it." -ConsultantVA "Complete overview for the LEED GA exam "I studied this book for about 3 days and passed the exam ... if you are truly interested in learning about the LEED system and green building design, this is a great place to start." -K.A. Evans "I just finished taking the LEED GA exam and, thankfully, I passed it on the first try by using this book as my primary study guide...I particularly liked the way the author organized the information within it. " -Lewis Colon

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ISBN 0-984374-13-2, ISBN 0-98-437413-2, ISBN 0-98437-413-2, ISBN 0-984-37413-2, ISBN 0-9843-7413-2

ISBN 978-0-984374-13-7, ISBN 978-0-98-437413-7, ISBN 978-0-98437-413-7, ISBN 978-0-984-37413-7, ISBN 978-0-9843-7413-7

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